7 Factors to keep in mind for your house-warming party!

It is a tradition as well a given societal necessity to give a house warming party to your friends and family, just because you have now, a brand new house and you should therefore, introduce them to where you live and how your new house is. But there are some factors that you must consider and keep in mind while preparing your house warming party which will inevitably, smooth out your entire welcoming process:

  • Timing: 

    It is important to understand that the timing is of relative importance when you are planning to invite your family and friends to your fresh, new household. If your furniture hasn’t moved in yet or there is still a room left to decorate, then wait for the chores to be beautifully finished before you send out invites, and yes, remember to send invitations with a wekk or two in hand for your-and their- welcoming preparations.

  • Who to invite?

    Apart from your immediate family and very close friends, remember to invite your neighbours because really, what could be a better way of introducing yourself to the community you are to spend your next few years in and more so, it is very important to be aware of the environment that you will be living and growing in. If you are relatively close to your colleagues, send them an invite (and get them and your extra day off at work, just because.)


  • House-warming Décor:

    Needless to say, you are going to decorate your substantially decorated brand new home for the house warming party. Remember to keep it simple, it is necessary to let the house and your guests breathe, do not make the décor look heavy, they are here to see your new home and so thus, try to decorate your home in such a way that it does not mask or overlap the beauty of your new place.


  • Directions to your house:

    Exceptionally important this, remember to give clear directions to your guests of where your house locates, send them a map with the invitation and also a text or a location from the Google Maps to ease them into finding the right lane and street. Book a large area for the cars and vehicles they would bring in and also, keep the parking fee nil. Your guests should not enter and say, “we got lost,” or “it took us so much of time to find your place,” because first impression generally lasts, keep the firsts headed in your preferred direction.


  • Food and drinks:

    Keep the food light, it depends on the season and the weather so create an atmosphere of delicious house-warming cuisines that could go well with mostly everyone’s tastes. Keep a tank of water in a nearby, visible space; allow your guests to roam freely for self-food-service and sit back and enjoy the light, welcoming atmosphere.
Dessert Table 4
Food Spread

Photo Courtesy: www.pinsdaddy.com

  • Tour of your house:

    Create a plan, if you are looking for an official tour. It is obvious that the guests would like a tour of your very brand new home so remember, that you do not burden them with extra, unnecessary information, that you allow them to roam around in their own free space and you do not neglect any questions asked about your new place.


  • Welcoming and return gifts:

    Do not let your guests leave without a token of appreciation on your part. It is a simple gesture, but worth a million houses. Smile and profuse your gratitude for attending the party, ask them if they liked being here and always, tell them to visit as and when they wish. Also, give them a souvenir as a return gift of around the place if you have moved into a new city, or simply, a happy return gift, letting them know they’re always welcomed again.

Return Gift

Photo Courtesy: www.giftsdom.com

Your new house is going to be your gentle abode for the next few years, so the house warming party is the beginning of an entire new journey enamoured by the anticipated new cohabitation between your home and you. A simple, memorable party is far more appreciative and relaxing than the one with loud, blaring music and stuffed furniture and closed windowed air, so let your windows open, allow family and friends in and with them, the breeze that signals all the beauty of new beginnings.


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