Fall into the natural serenity of Favaloso

Homely and very elaborately subtle, Favaloso is the most silent, beautiful fabric to adorn your home. The sheets, the curtains, the pillow and sofa covers, all fall courteously into the realm of a musing, calm aura when enveloped with Favaloso. The fabric is soft and genuine, breathing in the composed gorgeousness into every nook of your home, it is therefore, the perfect match for a classy, unruffled and tranquil tone.

Favaloso comes in the printed equivalence of beauty, of the attractive yellow and brown hue, merged in the perfect combination of floral and natural bloom- the colours, backed with the white layer of fabric, step out to look like a gardener’s handcraft carved onto your curtains and pillows. The prints are magnificent in their soundless beauty, coming out not too strong or dull, purging into themselves the seamless mixture of myriad flowers’ coloured bloom.

Red Opt 2

Like the petals of the flowers and the leaves of the trees, Favaloso is indispensable in every season, needed and necessary. It showers with its brightness and soothes with its presences, curbing and flowering any place with the peace of a park and the wildness of a wood, both juxtaposed, in their natural flamboyance and their structured hue. Exquisite and sheepishly relaxed, therefore, Favaloso is beautiful; Favaloso- is home.

Opt 1 A

Visit us at any of your nearest Skipper stores and check this floral collection now!

Store locator – http://bit.ly/2m576mQ

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