Invite the vibrancy of Areen to your home!

With the onset of summer and the full bloomed flowers and mangoes hanging from greener leaves, our homes look duller compared to the beauty flourishing on the coloured skies and on the trees. It therefore, becomes important to brighten up parts of our home to match the lively ambiance outside our windows.

Areen, in all its bold simplicity, is a magnificent, vibrant fabric made just to levitate the radiance in your home. It’s colourfully brilliant, composing itself of vitality of the flowers and the plants while still reflecting the contemporary and the modern tone. It ranges in myriad colours, palettes so different from each other and still, coming together in shades to form a unique floral hue.

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From light green leaves to bright blue covers of curtains and pillows, to intricately designed and separately coloured petals of every flower- of sandy brown to peach green and ocher yellow coloured palette- Areen is refreshing in its vibrancy, both subtle and bold in its amenity.

It promises to catch your attention and to hold it, Areen is in fact, a style apart in itself, casually modern and traditionally contemporary- its lively and magnificently upbeat.

So, this season, when the rains come to town and the downpour lowers the atmosphere of the room, the fabrics of Areen would still stand colourfully dynamic to brighten and heighten the ebullience in your home.

Visit your nearest Skipper store now to make this vibrant fabric collection yours!

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