Here’s how the Feng Shui colours can elevate the vibe of your home!

The Chinese art form of Feng Shui, commonly used in practice by the ones who believe in vatsu, is known for dispersing and igniting Prosperity in its surroundings, of happiness and wealth to the practitioner and cultivating an environment of general well-being. The colours and its variant combinations are used as a means to achieving Feng Shui, of combing the beauty of ying with that of yang and in its belief, arriving and hoping to benefit in their symbolic fulfillment of the mind.
The colours, according to Feng Shui that seek to amplify not only the beauty, but also the aura of your home:

• Royalty of Purple and the Soothing Pink:

According to a survey in the furnishing store in Alabama, the colours most likely used by an average human around their home ranges from the subtlety of pink and the royalty of purple, combining both the feeling of being down-to-earth and that of the sophistication exclusively associated with a highness.
Purple, therefore, is best used in bedrooms, in places of work or study where Prosperity is supposed to infuse itself into; and Pink, is best used as a neutral lovely tone to that of the myriad shades of purple- a collaborative vibe for a peaceful and soothing light.


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• Calmness of Blue:

Blue is invariably, accepted as the colour of calm- of representing in its reflection the reflections and serenity of the sky and the sea, of having the energy freely roam around the room in its tranquility.
The colour blue is used in such places where the need to relax is heightened, be it bedrooms or meditating room or even the study- to ingrain the vibe of sheer concentration.


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• Growth of Green:

Natural and confidently expressing prosperity and growth, Green is the colour of rejuvenation, of renewal and of abundance- of soothing in the naturalness into your home. The sea green, the shade of contemporary light hue accounts as a metaphorical connotation of Balance- of everything purposeful, of natural regeneration and joyful growth.


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• The golden Yellow:

Yellow, the brightness of the sunshine sprinkled in layered colour, is the colour of mental awareness, of diffusing stress, elevating the mood and culturing the value of goodness in one’s home. It is an aid to health of the occupants, stimulating the need for a better state of well-being and power. Yellow induces maturity in its boldness and that of nurturing the vibrancy both in our houses and in our lives.


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• Orange hued:

The colour of orange is conducive of vibrancy in the environment and a flow of dynamic energy. It is bright and peacefully loud, being the Social colour, a colour known for involvement and liveliness, a colour known for warmth to love. It is best used around places that involve a sort of entrance- be it foyers or hallways, a kind of setting the mood for circulating the kind of high vibes before stepping in another room.


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• Brightly Red:

The colour, they say, that brings fortune and luck, Feng Shui necessitates the activeness of this bold colour, stating still that it could -despite being the colour of love, induce anger and frustration. Therefore, Red should be used in dining areas instead of living rooms and bedrooms. Red, being the Fire Colour according to Feng Shui, influences and instigates excitement and lively joy, prospering wealth and good fortune while at the same time, supporting its negates with that of happiness and love.


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Feng Shui is not just related to the decisions regarding the colour and placement of furniture and accessories- it is an ancient art form that is revered and followed throughout the world. The colour combinations described via the art has been practiced for generations and its benefits from such adoption has been found to have, according to the practitioners, elevated their life to that of beauty, prosperity and positivity, breathing in a changed, tranquil aura into the nooks an edges of their homes.


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