5 easy new kitchen trends of 2017

Since good food is the entry to the heart of every stomach, kitchen in the soul of every household. It is one of the most used rooms, a basic comfort, a necessity. Therefore, it is important to keep it up to date and trendy. 2017 has new kitchen trends popping up and we cannot wait to get our hands on these simple yet conserving kitchen trends:-

  • Coffee Centers: One of the most unique trends of 2017 is creating an all new coffee center in-between your kitchen and your dining room.It is practical, it saves time and money, and also feasible in every aspect. Coffee centers include shelves containing the regular mugs, cups, coffee packets and beans, the necessary and the indulgent cookeries including light knacks in well-packed and labelled jars and a side small cart shoved into a mini drawer, to carry the well-made, intermittent coffee around your house.
Coffee Center

Image Courtesy: www.huffingtonpost.com

  • Composting:Often over-looked in the urban cities, composting has become a conditional connotation to disposal, being eco-friendly and also, economical. It requires only a free spot, if you are willing, a prerequisite to saving the need to have separate dustbins. Composting is the cycled kitchen trending upcoming again this year, using nothing except few dried leaves, a lot of dirt, and quite a few worms.
  • Labels it up:If you want to look trendy this season, label all your jars, the ones containing the snacks or the ones holding onto your necessary kitchen supplies. Even if they go into the cabinet and would generally be hidden from the guests’ eyes, it seems classy and chic, when you know where to pick things up from, all safely packet and put away in front of your eyes.
Labeled Storage Jars

Image Courtesy: http://www.worldlabel.com

  • Vertical Carts:Vertical carts are the new in, having the easiest maintainability, being portable enough to be dragged around the kitchen. No turning away from the stove at the last moment, no fatigue-inducing search around the cabinets. Carts with the tiny wheels attached to their plastic/wooden bottom look subtly stylish while kept stack against the wall with your kitchen supplies. Instead of cramping the jars in racks nearing the tall ceiling, use the unused space with carts, it is easy to the eye, comfortably strolling.
Portable Kitchen Cart

Image Courtesy: www.architecturedecor.com

  • Pots and Jars:We, in India, generally use the omnipresent steel jars, having little to no face value, in terms of looks and designs. Pots and jars, beautifully painted are now heavily available. They are economical, easy to store supplies into. Be it opaque, translucent or even transparent for design and noticeable purposes, pots and jars have their own earthen, raw trend popping up again. 
    Painted Earthen Plates and Casseroles

    Image Courtesy: http://www.bulgarianpottery.eu



Kitchen, being heart and soul of the home, is often not a seating place for guests. Unfortunately, therefore, we tend to ignore its decor, using the basic minimum to suit our needs. But it wholly, and comfortably, possible to do both- design it carefully and still keep it simple and usable. The kitchen trends are now finding their way into homes, slowly and steadily, redefining both their eating space and appetite, into one that is wholesomely happy and whole.


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