Sleep into the comfort of Zione!

How many times have we walked into a hotel room and jumped on the mattress to see how flexible and soft it was? And how many times have we wished to have such a mattress back at home after having woken up the next morn? Mattresses are an indispensably part of our survival, the sole comfort of the night, having a direct effect on our parts of our body like the neck and the spine.

Therefore, the quality of the mattress we purchase has direct bearing on how long the mattress would last without wear and tear and how comfortable it would seem, without having to break at its seams. The mattress that you own must have the a supporting core, must be made of natural materials and have a breathable cover to allow qualities that lets the foam remain cool.


Zione, the new mattress brand of Skipper, excels in securing a core foam and coir comfort. It is best in its class for its manufacturing facilities and its range of mattress in terms of material, support and price level. It reduces the sheer pain that tends to aggravate in the neck and the back if the spine does not receive appropriate support, Zione mattresses have a firm texture with quilted and knitted fabrics and rebounded foam. known best for its tremendous abilities for Support.


Zione mattresses have an upholstery layer, relatively comforting and healing pain differently and perfectly for different individuals. It is airier in design, cushioning the weight as needed, also allowing uninterrupted sleep during the night and energy absorption and release during the day. It is firm and soft, strong and light, conditioning itself into the mattress that you like, the one that you need.

Zione is a home to your home. A comfort to fall back to at the end of the day, and a Hope- to rise up from, before the start of everyday. Let your fatigue trickle out of your life, let Zione take its place.


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