10 tricks to make your bedroom look cosier !

Our bedroom is our very own haven, a place we come back home to snuggle in to find relaxation and peace. It is necessary, therefore, to decorate our homes, and specifically, our bedrooms in such a way that makes us feel happier and cosier when we are in it. Bedrooms are essentially our very own space and we can ornament and embellish it any way we want and so, here are ten simple ways in which you could be able to turn your bedroom a tad bit cosier:

  • Use Patterned Textiles:

Using textiles that have patterns are a great way of making your place look energetic and airy; it is an old and interesting method of making your home look inviting. Patterned textiles, be it of a brighter shade or toned down to more neutral ones, both can be used in such a way that can make your home feel warmer and cosier this season, just choose your patterns carefully.

Textured Quilt

Photo Courtesy: www.soakbox.co

  • Use a woodsy wallpaper for your room:Everything wooden has a special and different aura about it. It looks rich as well as grounded, smooth as well as rugged and bright as well as homely. The wallpaper you choose for your room will have a huge effect on your day to day thoughts and wooden and artsy wallpapers can help make your home look brighter, more beautiful and somewhat warmer in its light.


Woody Wallpaper

Photo Courtesy: www.decoist.com

  • Floral your way through:Natural carvings and floral touches around your room can have a very different impact on your mindset in contrast to not having much of the natural elements scattered around in your room. Using floral bedsheets or floral patterns on your curtains can go a long way in making your home look natural and fresh, therefore making it look happy and inviting.
Floral Curtains

Photo Courtesy: mebe1moskva.ru/

  • Brighter colours:

    The thing with brighter colours is that they naturally tone up the environment in the house. They would make even the texture of the accessories used around the house to seem more interesting and enjoyable, therefore, lending its way into a happier and brighter room and by extension, a happier and brighter you.


  • Keep it open:

    When a home is airy, it looks inviting. Keep the furniture away from each other to make the room seem bigger than it is. The trick to making your room look cosier is having the right amount of space between things. In this way, it is going to seem easy to walk around and therefore, cosier and welcoming.


  • Bring in bookcases:

    There is this general idea, experimented and tested, that having books around in your home is a beeline for, and directly proportional to, how much warmth your room exudes. Bookcases just simply have that aura which is peaceful and relaxing. It relieves stress at the end of the day, and if you like reading, it could be a very tiny, humane form of your salvation too.
Bedroom Bookcase

Photo Courtesy: www.decoist.com


  • Use ancient accessories:Accessories like wall-hangers, rugs, lampshades and chandeliers look brilliant and beautiful when used right in one’s home. They look grounded and pretty, radiating the preferences of the owner and at the same time, relaxing him/her by virtue of being surrounded by subtle yet exuberant energy of the old. Ancient accessories help reduce the urban tension, creating slight serenity around the home.


  • Use White and its relatives:

    The colour white a sort of a neutral colour that is known for toning down extreme form of emotions such as anger and frustration. White and its neighbours, cream and pastel colours help reduce anxiety and breathe in the calmer texture of moods in your home. Use white around the house to keep yourself calm and to also, sophisticate the décor around your house.


Neutral Coloured Bedroom

Photo Courtesy: www.roveconcepts.com

  • Change your headboard:Unknown to many, headboards influence one’s mood in various ways. It is one of the most prominent things when you enter your home, it is also the closest part of the bed to you when you are about to sleep. Therefore, the headboard should look refined and not over-the-top. They are the support to your bed, as much as the support to the serenity in your room. Keeping both the furniture and your mind at peace. Choose your headboards well.

Our bedroom is anyway a reflection of what we are. It is a two-way relationship, our rooms being the basis of how we create ourselves while also being the groundwork for being a strong influencer of our moods. If we want it to be cosy, there is a strong chance that our bedroom will help lower stress, keep our minds in a state of tranquillity and also, make us feel a little bit more homely in our own homes.


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