Budget Friendly Decor Ideas this season

When festivals are in the line-up and you need a quick and pocket friendly change of décor, when you invite your relatives this Rakhi and need a swift shift and addition of accessories, use these tips to beautify and ornament your home:

  • Use Mirrored Accessories:

    Mirrors can make a room look larger, it is a perfect illusion, also a prettier sight when your home is decorated. Use Mirrored accessories like tabletops, glasses, frames etc, to reflect the light and the beauty around.

Mirrored Center Table

Photo Courtesy: www.psilovethis.blogspot.in

  • Light the jars:
    One of my favourite go-to instant décor idea is putting up jars with fairy lights inside, they not only look exceptionally pretty but also seem friendly and make your home look approachable. They’re warm and fuzzy, an absolute delight.
Lighted Jars

Photo Courtesy: http://www.mormonactivitydays.com

  • Paint the bottles:

    The thing about old used bottles is that, when painted, they form great household decor. Display them on the shelves or fill them with tiny white battery lights to have different hues reflect from them, illuminating your home in unparalleled disco lights made in your very home.
Painted Bottle

Photo Courtesy: www.justimagine-ddoc.com

  • Photo-fill tabletops:Simple Tabletops look dull and uninspiring. Use the space in creative ways. collage your photos onto them or use your paintings under the glass as a display. Not only does it look interesting and wholesome, but attracts the eye when one is sitting around it, a great conversation starter, the sharer of old and reminiscing stories.


  • Ladder the towels:Nothing is probably as budget friendly as this, pick up your old, unused ladder and paint them new and interesting and use them as a classic decorating item having the most utility- the prefect shelf for your towel and the extras that you leave hanging around. Place it at an appropriate spot and it’ll look both classy, useful and chic.
Ladder Decor

Photo Courtesy: www.feelitcool.com

  • Frame your DIY:Do you like making your own decorations and finding special pride in your creations? Display them in your home, use rustic ideas to create and revamp your home. If you are looking for ways to make fascinating DIYs then, look no more, here are 10 easy ways to forge your own DIYs in your home-



  • Repaint your Mats:A very decent way of giving your home a makeover is either painting your ceiling or painting your floor. This is because, ceilings and floors are generally unnoticeable, attracting perception only when they look different than usual. Therefore, the mats that you use in general can make your entire floor look different and more appealing than usual when changed, or better, repainted.
Painted Mats

Photo Courtesy: www.thisoldhouse.com

  • Glassware your way through:

Glassware is categorically, one of the most used and appreciated piece of decoration, such that they can hold the most pretty candles and make the room look unique and different, brightening both the room and the mood. Glasswares of myriad types are available, and each look as fascinating as the other.


With the number of festivals coming up and with such little time on hands, it becomes pressurizing to decorate our homes appropriately and beautifully, without having to spend much. So, this season, use the old around your home to create the new and the gorgeous, making and utilizing the little to fashion the great, decorating your home in significant little ways.


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