Treat your windows to the art of illusions

Windows are the eye to our home; they expand our boundaries with the outside world and private the world on the inside. They can either be kept plain, inducing the infrastructure of the house in their own unkempt way or they could be artistically and optically improved, creating illusions with them to make them look bigger, smaller or brighter, as our house and our whim suggests. So here are few tricks for window treatments that you could use at your house this season:

  • Hide walls with curtains:If your window is colossally nearer to the walls and uncomfortably close to the pillars and the edges, use curtains to mask the disproportion such that the curtains cover the distance between the walls and the windows, making a two way beneficial space- making the windows look larger and also, covering the incongruous-ness.



  • Exaggerate Height and Width:
    The trick to making your windows look larger or wider is using curtains that have that have vertical and horizontal patterns. When vertical, it tricks your eyes into believing the windows seem longer than usual while horizontal patterns make the windows look wider, giving your mind and aura and illusion of an airier room, and an airier life.


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  • Extend rods beyond the frame:Illusion is the mother of all creations, if you wish your window was larger, make it look larger. The rods, as insignificant as they seem, are the holders of not just the curtains’ but the window’s dignity.Extend rods on either side of the window and hang curtains appropriately to make your windows look brighter, and bigger, than it actually is.


  • Paint a border:The trick to making your windows look larger is painting a wide border around it. The border looks like it’s part of the window, even if the glass frame is not large enough. If your window is painted white, let it pop out by using stronger and bolder colours around it. Trick the mind into believing it is seeing something bigger than what meets its eyes.

Layered Curtains for Bedrooms 1

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  • Layered curtains: The curtains, when layered in their consistency, give a composed and structured look to the room. It also, though, forms a foreground and a background proportionately to give an illusion of there being more window space than there already is. Use curtains of a sturdier fabric to heighten the deceit in the most beautiful way.


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  • Use floor length curtains: Another trick to tricking the eye is having curtains that are either leveled closer to the ceiling or the ones that fall sophisticated-ly near the floor. The longer the curtains, the taller the windows look, gracing the room with an airier view.


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  • Hang the rods higher!The rods when leveled near the ceiling with the curtains hanging loose near the window gives an illusion of more space than there is. The tiny amount of space which get created between the rods and the curtains, even though they do not have the open pane and are only covered with your painted wall, would still illusion itself to look like a part of the window, giving your room and overall larger space.


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  • Place short furniture around: The thing about having your windows look larger contemporaries a lot with the kind of furniture you use or put around the panes. If you use tables of a height that’s relatively low, placed strategically under the windows, your panes would automatically appear to have more space. The lower the furniture, the bigger illusion it creates.


The art of optical illusion is generally lost whilst planning décor, but it is necessary and sometimes imperative, to work around the loopholes of your home, strengthening and beautifying its décor along the way, treating the little spaces with the dignity it deserves and the larger with the respects it already owns, covering even the windows with the breeze of subtle yet significant, curtained decor.
So open your windows wide and your minds wider.


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