Ways in which wood can reclaim your home.

Wood being the staple ingredient of our home décor is one of the very few elements that can be used repeatedly and with multiple variances. The light-ish hue that extends to the dark brown with its myriad shades provide for a huge scope of reclamation and experimentation. Not only in their coloured zones, wood differ in their types, texture and strength, and also in the various ways they can be reclaimed in our home’s crevices, nooks and dents:

  • Window Frames:

    The frames of the windows are generally left unattended, composing itself of bareness to frame the glasses. But wood looks casually interesting and expensive in the way they log themselves around the window panes, therefore, when you find pieces of wood not in use, structure it around the window panes.

    Window frames Skipper.jpg

  • Mirror Frames:

    Mirror frames are the highlight of the room when portrayed right. The mirrors not only look cooler but are also supported; it could have multiple uses like a feasible board for post-its or be useful for hangers when hooked up on them. Not just that, the mirror looks brighter and more aesthetic this way when they are covered on the edges by different shades of wood. 

    Mirror framed with reclaimed wood
    Source: en.paperblog.com

  • Fireplaces:

    Fireplaces when donned around with wooden pieces look aesthetic, and very vintage. Not just that, it gives a sophisticated look to the entire room and becomes a presence in itself. Fireplaces and their mantles are also home to photo frames and vases, beautifying the corner they are placed in. Wooden mantels and photo frames would form a cherry on top, in such a case.

    Skipper fireplace
    Source: woodheat.com
  • Headboards:

    The headboard of your beds can be beautifully carved into by the extra wooden pieces left around. If your headboard does seem monotonous to you and you feel like a touch of change here and there could alleviate the style and the mood of your room, then turn your headboard into marvelous wooden masterpieces.      

    Skipper headboards.jpg
    Source: palletwoodprojects.com
  • Ceiling beams:

    Perfect as the support system of your home, wooden ceiling beams look absolutely glorious in their structure. Not only do they look pretty but also have a strong hold as a beam, instigating and complementing the colour or paint of your ceiling. Wooden ceiling beams are huge in trend nowadays bringing in the vintage feel in the home smoothly and beautifully.

    Ceiling Skipper.jpg
    Source: huffpost.com
  • Door Frames:

    Door frames are the entryway to the rooms of our homes and the wider they seem, the more welcoming it becomes. Wooden shades around the doors can compliment the shades of the door, the lighter they are, the spacier the door looks. Door frames were heavy in use during the nineties but they are gradually coming back in trend seeing the incredible reuse of wooden pieces.

    Door frames

  • Floors:

    If you do have an abundance of wood ready to be reclaimed, you could reuse it on the flooring of your rooms or your closet or your dining hall, as the case maybe. The advantage of this, except the fact that it looks both warm and sophisticated is that, flooring becomes easier, both to walk on and to reclaim again.

    Skipper flooring
    source: rockmystyle.com 


Wooden frames have not recently been introduced as a constructive and valuable piece of home décor, they have been in use (and reclaimed so too) in vintage home décor styles since a long time. But the authenticity and the aesthetic value of the wooden decor has never diminished, engraving and carving its niche in homes since time immemorial, proving to be one of the most wonderful reclaimed elements in the decoration of one’s home.

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