4 ways to improve the doors to your home

In decorating and embellishing the various nooks and corners of our houses, we sometimes miss that the most welcoming part of our homes aren’t welcoming enough. A wooden door, basic and simple is great invitation to one’s home, but imagine the same being a definitive and subtle description of the entire home and by extension, you. So here are five different ways in which you can decorate, and yet not magnify, the door to your home-

  • Wooden vintage your way through:Lanterns as a complementary rustic look to your plain wooden door can be a great welcoming look. If you are hesitant in adorning it with pastel colours and pendants, a simple look with an added extra would be a light on the wooden dark-a strong and engaging accessory.

 Lantern doors Skipper.jpg


  • Ornament it with what you love:Don’t make it overwhelming, but do use the subtle hints on your doors in terms of knockers and the nameplate to portray  what your house in large, wants to be portrayed as. For example, a Snitch (from Harry Potter) as a knocker or DFTBA as a name plate abbreviating from Don’t Forget To Be Awesome would look chic and cool, make our entrance interesting and new-school.
    Skipper Knocker.jpg
    Source: etsy.com


  • Bold and Subtle splash of colour:If you want your door to be a welcoming warm and bold, splash it with colours that interests you. Mauve with bordered light gold or variant shades of a singular hue- Make it creative. Make it your door.

    500px skippeer

  • Season it with the weather:Want your door to reflect your interests according to the current season? Give it a tropical punch or use moonlight stars as a tiny chandelier on a clearer night. Wave it a nautical blue if you miss the sea or light yellow if it is raining terribly. A warm red if autumn falls in, or a floral paint when spring blooms in. Doors are invitations anyway, invite the seasons in.

    Skipper tropical
    Source: etsy.com


Doors open into a different world, your world and it is cordial and even, glorious, to let your door be a seamless part of the décor of your home. An entrance transformation leads to an enthusiastic change of the entire home decoration, changing the way your house looks, a positive transition to your mindset too. It is a doorway to your way to betterment, welcome the change to your home.



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