Here’s how walls paints are matched with furniture’s colour

Complementing our wall paint with the furniture used in our homes can be a simple yet complicated task. The walls speak for themselves in hues that must, at all cost, supplement the tone of the furniture used in a home or the symmetry and the entire aura exuded by one’s home becomes disrupted. Here are ways in which you could tone the hued voice of the walls with the silence of the furniture-


  • Absolute contrasts:

    If you do have to use absolute contrasts, use it with shades of furniture that have more of a neutral tone to it. Contrasting colours could either go completely wrong or have the best effect on a room; therefore, it is very necessary that it is harmonized with the paler shades of the room’s furniture.



  • Monochrome Tone:

    If you have monochromatic furniture, use lighter shades of the colour wheel on the walls.  The tone of beige or cream or light brown complimenting the monochromatic furniture would look magnificent at its best. Supplemented by carpet and rugs of a brighter tone- it forms a perfect, view-able cycle to the eye.


Skipper 1
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  • Muted earth tones with brown furniture:


    The soft, earthy tones when put against a darker tone of its colour do not only look symmetrical and well represented, but they also blend well if they are positioned correct. They revel in their shade in the simplest way, making the eye adjust automatically to the unvaried shade.

    Skipper 1.


  • Analogous Colours: 
    The colours around the same shade of a hue can act as a brilliant complementary shade to each other. Be it green to green-blue to blue to blue-violet flowing seamlessly through the walls into the ground of furniture can be one of the best ways of decorating your home.

    Skipper Analogous


  • Bold with border:

    If both your furniture and wall paint is of a bolder colour, condense the intensity by adding monochromatic borders to them, either by way of shelves or by paint. This way, concentration of the boldness reduces to a view-able amount, so that the colours don’t pop our together, making it not too hard on the eyes.

    Skipper 5.jpg
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Complementing the furniture colour with the rest of the room is not a tedious task. It is soothing and relaxing to view and live in, breathing in the space of colours, blending in the different shades of life into the other little accessories placed in our rooms, beautifying and augmenting the hued life in them too.

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