Trending Terrace Decorating Ideas 2017

Terraces range from being small to huge, shared to private, cleaned to unorganized or undecorated. But don’t you think that roofs are as important as the homes within, and they too, deserve to be adorned and ornamented with as much care as you shower to the minute corners of your house?
So here are 10 different ways in which you could glam up your house this festive season:-

  • Chandeliers:

    One way to aesthetically glam up your terrace is using small chandeliers in intermittent spaces, letting the glow spread gently through the entire roof. Different types of chandeliers suit different spaces of terrace, filling up spaces and creating a warm mood.

  • Floor pillows:

    If you do not want to cluster your terrace with furniture, you could always use the comfy pillows casually laid on a blanket on the ground. This way, it could look both uncluttered and pretty, making your terrace exude a warm look.


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  • Glowing outdoor seats:

    Great for both the lighting and the ambience, the furniture that you choose to place outdoors on your terrace could have subtle glowing light attached to it. In this way, the terrace will have its own silent charm on a windy evening, a best place for a party on a weekend night.


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  • Green and Garden:

    Nothing beats the nature shouldering itself on the parapet of a terrace. Use plants as a shield for the heavy city traffic or just as a measure of spreading peace and nature into your home’s environment. Plants are food for a healthy home, a garden on the terrace- the perfect home décor.


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  • Telescopic:

    If you are fond of what lies above more than what’s situated on the ground then go for the a space-y terrace look with just a well-refined telescope and a comfy seating area for star-gazing. Even if you are not interested in the skies- telescopes form a great décor piece on a roof, they do not take much space and as still look classy and great.

  • Wooden Look:

    If you want a very organized, chic look for your terrace then go for a wooden plating, flooring and wooden furniture placed strategically around the roof’s room. This could give a sophisticated look to your terrace. You could add plants or keep the furniture setting to black and white. Either which way, wooden terrace always look trendy and urbane.


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  • String lighting:

    Fairy lights can be in even when it is not Diwali or Durga Pujo. String lights too, look exceptionally beautiful around the canopy of a terrace and could be wound around furniture, if you prefer them on your terrace. String lighting has its own aesthetic charm, keeping your home lighted and warm.

    luminaire guinguette-1

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  • Lampshade:

    Colourful lamp shades can provide a soft glow to your terrace. The faint lighting would keep the delicate vibe alive and the light of the lamp could be adjusted to the colour of the shades from time to time. Make your terrace colourful. Make it look like it is alive.


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  • Swing:

    One of the most common ideas but it never gets old. A warm swing set, maybe wooden or bamboo-ed, maybe covered with an old Rajasthani cloth or made comfortable with pillows- swings look cool on a terrace. A getaway on a tired working day when the breeze outside is calm and refreshing. Swings win for a terrace décor, every time.


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  • Vegetable Garden:

    If you have a spacious terrace then definitely plan a vegetable garden. It brings in a lot of maintenance, but each day would be worth it when months later you see the plants bearing their fruit. Place the garden so that too much sunlight doesn’t damage them and let your terrace breathe in the food of growth, kindness and thoughts.


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The terrace, to a few people, could be inconsequential. But undeniably, it is a great decorative spot. With perfect mixes and matches, a terrace could be a win-win for party areas, relaxation places or even for study sessions. Terraces are a part of our home, a home to escape to when we feel low or suffocated. And therefore, it becomes unsurprisingly essential that we decorate our terrace, exactly the way we should. Like a home.

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