Trending dining room decor this festive season

Dining room is generally kept off the décor chart because “it is just a room to eat.” But it is not. It is the stimuli to your appetite, the go-to place for your guests and your favourite room, if your favourite thing to do is eat. The season of festivals is lining up so open your doors to the celebration and to changing your home to the tune of the festivals.
Here are 7 ways in which you could easily revamp your dining room:

  • Make it vintage with Chandeliers:

Change your dining room to resemble the tales of the old when the life was simpler yet grander and everything was beautiful. Use chandeliers to give your room a distinctive aura of the last century and cover the cushion on your chair with fresh new vintage covers to enhance the look!


  • Customize your appetite to the colours:
    Avoid colours like grey, brown, red, black around the dining room because they are known to diminish the appetite of the people having food in the room. The room colour and the colours around the dining hall should be related to green, orange, yellow and turquoise to increase the hunger.


  • Use Rugs instead of heavy carpets:

    Even though carpets in the dining area looks sophisticated and proper, having a carpet makes maintenance harder and increases the risk of soiling the carpet. Hence, use stylish rugs in the form of patterns or dots that would both, be far more soothing to eye and be easy to handle and cleanse dropped food or mud or soil.


  • Balance the bold with furniture:

    Make sure that either your ambience is bold or your furniture. Both cannot go together, hand in hand. If your colours infuse a stronger sense in the room then keep your furniture to the bare minimum and if your colours are that of the natural, light colour, then strategically place furniture around the room with enough space to traverse.


  • Create a tiny Dining Nook:

    If comfort and an aura of coziness around is important to you, then definitely go for a nook to your dining area. Use a round table dining table and comfortable chairs placed near the wall or maybe zoned into a nook and create a snug and comfortable dining area right in your dining room.


  • Revamp to sofa and pillows:

    Ditch the chairs this season and go for a comfy sofa and pillows near the dining table. Warm and pretty, your dining room would look relaxed and at ease, both to yourself and to your guests. Use patterned pillows or customized ones, anything that’s suits the pleasantness of your dining room.


  • Use Green for Plants:

    One of the finest appetizer and a remarkable treat to eye, plants are a needed relaxation that is needed around the house. And where better to put it than your dining room where the soothing beauty can stimulate and increase your appetite?


Dining rooms décor has started to be looked into with great interest in the recent past because dining room engages the resident in a way that no other room can. It is a necessity in the urban areas and a growing need to keep the dining area as well decorated as other rooms in the house are. And with the Durga Puja and Diwali approaching, isn’t this the perfect time to revamp your place to suit the aura of the festivities inside your home too?

Image courtesy: Pinterest



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