Diwali Decor Ideas 2k17!

As the festival of Lights start approaching every year, our shelves open up to extensive cleaning, our walls are scrubbed off the yearlong accumulated dust and our furnitures find new corners for change of space. In the midst of all the festivity, lies the beauty of revamping that every Indian household beautifully goes through before Diwali.
So if you are searching for ideas to slowly adjust, transform and decorate your home for Diwali, look no further. Here are house décor tips to enhance and embellish the festivity:

  • Fairy Light your way:

    Instead of using fairy lights just for your walls, brighten the corners that are unreachable and insignificant. Bring old vases and transparent jars and fill their emptiness with tiny fairy lights. Place it at your study table, at the top of the old almirah, behind your doors and inside unopened shelves. Brighten every corner with celebration and life.

    Skipper Fairy lights.jpg
    Fairy lights in mason jars. 
  • Cushion your home with cushions:

    The thing about cushion and their covers is that they look insignificant to a decorated room, but they are the reason why the rooms look complete and decorated. Brighten up your festival with light and vibrant cushions that not only complement your sofa or your bed but also
    vivify the essence of Diwali and the lights.

    Colourful Cushions
    Diwali cushions. 
  • Flowers bloom bright:

    Flowers are underappreciated for their ability to refresh the mood for festivities. Use the most colourful and scented flowers in vases and in jars and place them carefully chosen spots around your house to keep the aura of your home relaxed and at ease. Make Nature-in-the-house a Go-to this Diwali, letting the plants speak of the celebrations in their own peaceful way.

    Flowers bloom Skipper
    Flowered lights.
  • Scented Decorative Candles:

    Ditch the old wax candles that melt within two hours. Scented candles not only look exceptionally pretty and subtle when lit, they bring the fragrance of your choice into your well-lit rooms. They exude a different aura and a sophisticated and charming style to your home, brining in the aroma of happiness and bloom.
    Find out different types of fragrances at https://skipperfurnishings.blog/2017/02/16/how-fragrance-can-enrich-your-homes/

    Lanterns Skipper
    Diwali special candles. 
  • Ethnic Carpets and Duvets:

    Make the atmosphere in your home upbeat and inviting by carefully choosing brilliant and vibrant carpets and bed sheets for different rooms. Just as we dress up in ethnic wear, adorn your home this season in ethnic too, and see the beauty of change unfold.

    Table cloth Skipper
    Decorated table cloth.
  • Accessorize in the beauty:

    Little things count. Use inexpensive accessories throughout your home, paper clips and blinds, colourful threads and strands of beads, mirrors on the flower vases. Use the unused items in your homes to create something simple and decorative, hang them as wind chimes on your window panes or accessorize your shelves with them. Just let the flow of your creativity revamp your place.

    Paper lights.jpg
    Make paper lights this Diwali
  • Garden and Garlands:

    If your home is blessed with a garden, garland your home. Put fairy lights in jars and place them on flower beds to enliven the entrance to your home. Flower your interiors with little petals and use it with lights around your home. Nothing can brighten up your place as beautifully as nature can; let it seep into every part of your home.

    Garden lights.jpg

  • Diya, earthen lamps and lanterns:

    How can Diwali be Diwali without the brightening of our verandah and terrace parapets with hundreds of diyas? Paint your diya the way you make your rangoli every year. Use earthen lanterns and earthen lamps this year by strategically placing your diyas near the windows at night, near the entrance of your doors, the kitchen and yes, the washroom too. Brighten your bedroom with those tiny, pretty lights, watch your entire home illuminate and come to life.

    The diya.


Having the season of crackers and diyas approaching, every household wishes to prosper in little changes, brighten up their corners and grace their unlit spaces. Diwali is the season of revamping not just your place, but your entire home and your life. So earthen-light your way to all the fairy places, crackle up your surroundings in all its pretty spaces. Subtle, ethnic and elegant, decorate your home with laughter and happy faces.


Image Sources: Pinterest.


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