5 Important Tips for your Closet.

How many times have we found ourselves rummaging through our wardrobe, trying to find a one particular outfit that we just cannot find among our disorganized shelves? Or how many times have we flipped through magazines, looking at pretty closets wishing we could have one in our homes too?
Fret not, having and maintaining a closet is not very hard, it needs only a little bit of decorating around to get the right look and these tips can help you sustain, or start, the closet you always wanted to have:

  • Coordinate your hangers:
    Major mistake generally made while maintaining a closet is the haphazard placement of hangers. Please choose a type of hanger for your closet and maintain it consistently. Be it a plastic, metal or a wooden hanger- never mix and match them for the same closet- it can become chaotic.

    Hangers Skipper.jpg

  • Do no stack too high: 

    The problem with handling closets is that they sometimes look too filled, suffocated. Give your clothes space to breathe, do not roughly stack them on top other, disorganized to the point of uncoordinated type or colour. Keep your clothes within reach; make a maximum stack of four clothes. Anything more would look clumsy.

    Stack Skipper.jpg

  • Fill drawers with compartments: 

    For the little things like earrings, makeup, rings and nail polishes- do not create separate drawers for each. Compartmentalize your existing drawers into little cubicles and section-wise create separate placements. This would reduce wasted space, create an organized drawer and also have everything laid out, within reach, easy to place.

    Drawer Skipper2.jpg

  • Separate your clothes:

    We Indians like our clothes smart, unsoiled and great. Keep your suits and your sarees in a different section of your wardrobe, organizing them in terms of type, colour or quality. Your dresses should have a hanger-ed shelf to its own name, your nightclothes a different compartment. This removes confusion at a time of crisis and also, makes your closet look pretty and systematized.

    Skipper shelves
    Image source: Handyman


  • Island or a seat?

    Last but not the least, if you have or are planning for a big closet with a lot of ground space, choose whether your needs match a seating area or an island. Both can be placed right in the centre of the room and both have their own separate uses for your clothes.
    An island can have your items displayed fondly and clearly while an ottoman right in the middle of the room can have the benefit of looking over placements and trials.
    Choose wisely. (Ottoman.)

    Skipper seat 3.jpg


Closet décor is not that big a task as it generally let out to be. Some homes do not need one; some homes are so huge they have a walk-in one. Either way, your clothes deserve to be maintained as respectfully as you need them to be and closets are as big a part of a home as anything else could be.
So plan your closet this season, pull out your jackets for the winter is coming, and you need that extra space every year, to fill up your warm woolens.
Happy Clothing!

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