The Autumn Home Decor is here!

With the silent chill seeping into the air as November wakes up from its sleep, the curtains would ruffle a bit more and the leaves would wither down to the ground,  and our homes would want to warm up on their own. Autumn is the lovely non-existent season in India that waves the rains goodbye while ushering in the cold at the same time.
So as the weather changes its colour, redecorate your home with all your fervour:-


  • Heavier drapery & curtains:Just like the season of summer demands a lighter feel of clothes and curtains for our homes, the onset of autumn requires the drapery to be heavier and bold. With the gush of orange and brown and touch of golden here and there, revamp your place with a vibrant set of curtains, urging the spirit of autumn gradually into your home.

    Skipper curtains 2.jpg


  • Fresh flowers and fruits in Jars:

    Nothing says autumn more than good food and fresh flowers. Use transparent jars for a natural and creative display of bright coloured fruits and as white, fresh flowers- all placed beautifully near the window to be soaked by the warm, October sunlight.

    Skipper Flower 2.jpg


  • Soft cushions, carpets and rugs:

    Vibrancy cultivates within the home. With soft cushions and bright carpets and warm rugs, let your home wrap the season in its arms. Autumn, with its bright red faux flowers and pumpkin coloured aura in the surroundings needs the warmth of new cushions and fresh carpets in your home. Winter is Coming.

    Autumn Cushions.jpg


  • Bamboo baskets:

    Bamboo baskets are not only remarkably useful but also an extremely eye-catching display. It speaks autumn in its sticks, giving out a vibe of carrying the presence of October in its very essence. Bamboo baskets can be placed under the table or displayed distinctively over the top. Anywhere, it is still peaceful to look at.

    Skipper Bamboo Basket.jpg


  • Candles and Fairy Lights:

    With the lights dimming into the sunset faster than usual as the winter approaches, scented candles would create an atmosphere of silent warmth and precious autumn oozing into your room. Fairy lights either, wrapped around your bed’s headboard or your vanity mirror- or put into jars and placed over the tables would, all, look pretty and autumn-y, breathing in the sunset.

    Skipper candle 2.jpg


To fill your homes with bright carpet, beautiful cushions and vibrant curtain this autumn, or just to prep yourself for the chillness of the incoming winter, visit your nearest Skipper Furnishings store, reach out and comfortably, deck your snug home.

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One thought on “The Autumn Home Decor is here!

  1. Beautifully chosen words used to make the script extra ordinarily attractive. Wisely displayed currants and other property to make the suggestion more attractive. Each displays just irresistible . Last but not the least WOW 😮😃😃😃😃
    Satendra Mohan Sharma
    Niwaru Road Jaipur.


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