Choose curtain’s colour according to the direction of your window.

The ancient system of belief called Feng Shui, what we here, in India, understand as a form of vaastu, derives its meaning from Wind and Water. It symbolizes the affect of the elements on our homes and thus, on us, allowing its vibrations to circulate smoothly around the home.

Curtains, being one of the most prominent parts of our homes, have their colours, their texture and their facing direction put a bearing on the flow of Chi, positive energy, around the house.

The ventilation of the room is directly related to the direction of the windows and thus the ambience of the room is influenced accordingly. According to Feng Shui, the colours of the curtains that should be chosen according to the direction the windows face are as follows:

  • North 

    The North remembers the Blue. Water, being the ruling element of the direction, influences the colour of the curtains to the different shades of blue.  The calmness of the ocean and the vastness of the sky do open the curtains to the room’s beauty. Choosing the colour blue in a room which faces the North can bring in peace and flow of positivity.

    Blue curtain Skipper

  • East 

    Wood. The direction of the rising Sun is ruled by the element of wood. Therefore, brown is an excellent choice for the colour of your curtains. Combining the essence of the Sun with the naturalness of the forest, letting the sunlight seep into the home like the denseness of the woods- the curtains act as your trees into the eye of your home.

    brown skipper.jpg

  • South 

    Reflecting the silence of the South that keeps the wind blowing into our house, our curtains should compensate the chill that comes in from the windows of the South. Fire is the element, according to Feng Shui, that rules the direction and therefore, the curtains’ colour should range from red to yellow to fiery orange. Even the royal purple and complimenting pink would look lovely and fit perfectly to the flow of vibrations within the South-opening room.

  • West

    The twilight of the directions, the West, is ruled by the element Metal. With the bright dispersing of the colour of the sunsets, the hues of the curtains should revolve around the shade of white and grey.  The dusk dawning into the room, the reflections of the metal shaded curtains would, according to Feng Shui, bring the dawn of serenity into your home.



The curtain affects our homes in its privacy and mood, connecting and preventing the outside world with you, letting the energy from the external elements vibrate through your home. The art of applying Feng Shui is not hard, and it has known to transform the lives of many.
So, remodel your curtains according to your windows, accommodating their colours to the brightness of the directions.  Visit your nearest Skipper Store to let the flow of energy pervade through and into your home.

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