The Don’ts of Winter Home Décor.

The November air has turned from warm to chilly and all around the country, people are taking out their old sweaters and rajai, trying to ease into the approaching blanket of the settling winter.

However, with the change of seasons and the change of attire, we sometimes forget to adapt our homes to the change of weather.

While doing so, though, we end up making the following mistakes that remain incongruous for the weather and turn out to feel uncomfortable for both our homes and for ourselves.

    • Remember the sense of space: 

      During summers, we tend to space out the furniture to make the room feel cooler. Similarly, don’t forget to space your furniture a bit closer without making it look cramped. This will lend a warmer, composed and cozier look to your home.

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    • Don’t leave it un-patterned:

      While revamping your place, remember that bare is colder. Bright colours feel more suffocating than warm, but patterns in your cushions or towels or curtains can go a long way to make your home look brighter in the blander, colder season.

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    • Avoid the cold Wallpaper: 

      One of the biggest mistakes people make is assume that their summer wallpaper would not affect their ambience for the winters. The colour of your walls have a direct bearing on your mindset, therefore changing your wallpaper’s colour becomes imperative. 


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  • Don’t keep the curtains lighter: 

    Not changing the light, summer curtains into heavier drapes wouldn’t help obstruct the incursion of chilly, winter air. The hues of the drapes too, should switch from the lighter to the darker tones, appropriately warming the insides of your home.

    Winter Skipper Cutains 1.jpg


With winter coming in, revamp your home to the tune of the outside’s weather. Visit your nearest Skipper Furnishings store or shop online at to select heavier and warmer curtains, to let the colour of winter slowly seep into your homes.


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