Introducing Skippers’ exquisite wedding collection

Weddings are around the corner and decorations are on its full sway. Skipper Furnishings have released their wedding collection, beautiful in every respect:



Exuding an ambience of tranquil richness, the gentle collection of Brillante is woven of satin, sheers and jacquard fabrics textured with honeycombed patterns. The premium assortment has a chic and classic undertone, bringing the aura of glitter and shine to the shimmering wedding vibe.




The collection of light-weighted sheer fabrics come in five different dull-to-light shades, accentuating the gilded effect in its vibrant pattern of floral motifs and abstract strokes that eases elegantly into the wedding atmosphere. It is rich and soft, texturing subtly in it bright and sparkling beauty.



Prime Guerdon

Grand, in-vogue and lush, the collection of Prime Guerdon boasts of contemporary, abstract patterns in the embroidered velvet and jacquard fabrics. It’s vibrant, bold and colourful- gliding easily into the celebratory mood of weddings in its esteemed combination of florals and ikkats with chevrons patterns.

Prime Guerdon


A La Mode

Serene in its appearance, the fabric of blue, grey and ochre hues evokes a subtle anticipation of wonder in the air, inviting beauty and elegance in its grace. Textured patterns of flora and abstract art complement the tone of wedding bells, bringing joy to the home to the very end.



The delicate collection radiates warmth with richness; it’s light and exquisitely beautiful, making its presence felt while at the same time, blending seamlessly into the background. Their accentuating floral pattern complements the tone of Indian weddings, resting in its own aura, emanating elegance.






Bright and velvety, the purple collection of Phoenix exudes a persuasive, intimidating aura with strong, appealing patterns of royalty and regality. The wedding ambience accentuated with Phoenix, rises from its own powerful aura and ashes into its own beauty, with silence and magnanimity.




Perfect for the tone of weddings, Rajwada is holds a respectfully strong presence in its wake. With its golden embroidered patterns of sheer beauty and elegance, the collection of commanding black, red and gold slides into the integral mood of marriage and elegantly, so much more.




Exuberant look of the pastel colour palette and reversible fabric of velvet and sheer, the Rogue collection perfectly complements the celebratory atmosphere of weddings. With metallic shading and gold and silver embroidery, it is both traditional and contemporary, refining the ambience in its own illusive style.




Like delicate crystals embroidered in its sheer fabric, the beautiful collection of Crystaline has 12 subtle designs in a palette of 3 neutral shades- white, off-white and beige. The effortless style eases into the tranquil beauty of weddings, breathing in the subtlety of genuine peace and beautiful, serene life.



With the wedding collection of home furnishings by Skipper, dress your home like a bridal wear.
Gift the newly weds those products that they would, inevitably, need to furnish their home. ( )

Find the exquisite wedding collection online at or visit the nearest Skipper store (  ) to deck up your beautiful, wedding home.


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