DIYs of Winter Home Décor

With winter in full bloom, the atmosphere both inside and outside our homes have turned chilly. To occupy the corners of our homes and minds and the warm them both inside out, try Do-It-Yourself, made exclusively for winters, and not yet Christmas.

Deck your home with these DIYs, and let the winter touch your roof and slide warmly into your home:

  • Sew cushions with wool: 

    Revamp the look of your sofa to a more comfy and warmer visage by sewing wool into your Easy to make, easy to maintain, a perfect DIY for winters. You just need a cushion and your grandmother’s knitting kit, take the pillow measurements and yes, get sewing!

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  • Wreath it the winter way: 

    The winter looms on the gates, warm the entrance by creating a wooden wreath with twigs and light branches, covering them with flowers, leaves and little decorations that you may find in your house. The wreaths not only look beautiful, but exceptionally snug, cheerful and wintery.

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  • Candle holder in mason jars: 

    Dim the lights and light the candles. Mason jars are the go-to for candle holders, they keep the light intact and radiate the warmth. Place in leaves and snow inside the jar, a small candle holder with the candle, unlit. Wrap the jar with vibrantly coloured paper to reflect pretty lights around the house.

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  • Bottled Winter:Bottles that you don’t use anymore can be a great piece of winter decoration. Just wrap them with white table-cloth and surround them with ribbons and winter balls. Place thin branches jutting out beautifully from them and display the décor on your dining table during a cold, winter night.

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  • Fairy lit winters:Nothing gives a warmer glow that fairy lights with a twist. Take small colourful paper and cover the lights with them. Place them in a bottle or hang them in your balcony or entrance. The different lights exude a different sense of calm and warmth, making the entire area glow in its silent song.

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With winters blowing in the wind to and fro, let your home be both your anchor and your refuge. Decorate it with the silence of the night and let it shine in the brilliance of the day, your home is your home- a place you spend most of your time in. Give it a new look, a new shine, winter is harsh, let your home be safe.


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