The décor that fits your wedding style

Not all weddings are the same; some are quiet in their beauty while some are an extravagant in their brilliance while some, vibrant and aesthetic. The type of home décor changes with the mood of the wedding, the aura of the marriage influencing the decoration of it.

So here are the collections from the house of Skipper Furnishings that fit, exactly and perfectly with the atmosphere of the wedding you are going for.


  • Subtle & Beautiful: 

    The translucent Crystaline is like water, blends tranquilly in the wedding ambience of sublle, beautiful and crystal clear. Crystaline is calm and pleasing, a beautiful addition to your home both, after and before marriage, delicate in its own charming way.





  • Classy and elegant: 

    With an undertone of class, Brillante is a perfect décor fabric for an elegant and stylish wedding. The ambience of the room remains light and uplifting while still exuding a vibe of brilliance in its elegance. Brillante is a beautiful collection for a wedding home.





  • Sophisticated: One of the lightest fabrics with a beautiful and lovely texture just perfect for a simple and sophisticated wedding, the Lavish collection hosts a range of wonderful and aesthetically pleasing fabrics that blends flawlessly with a tone of a modern wedding. 


    Lavish 1



  • Grand and Royal: 

    The collections of Phoenix and Rajwada are bright in their royal look, a collection exclusively made for weddings that radiate the vibe of Big Fat Indian weddings in forts and castles. The beautiful and powerful collection is a surprise, emanating the aura of the royal wedding vibe.
    (Find the grand collection online at )



  • Vibrant and bright:
    If you wish your home to be bright, beautiful and brilliant, Prime Guerdon can revamp your home seamlessly to fit the mood. It is floral and colourful and its patterns are trendy, casual and exquisite in its design, perfect for a vibrant wedding.





  • A simple wedding:

    For a wedding that takes place in a quite suburb with a lovable gathering, the home of the newlyweds before and after marriage should radiate the exact, same glow. A La Mode is a beautiful collection that shines in its simplicity, breathing in the wedding vibe into your home. 


    A La Mode 1
    A La Mode 1


The homes that are adorned with the wedding preparations should also be ornamented with such a décor that matches its wedding tales. To find the perfect match for the wedding ambience, visit your nearest store ( ). Beautify your home for the wedding, reflect the jubilance of the marriage lore.


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