Go different this Christmas with your Tree Décor!

With Christmas around the corner, the homes have their un-ornamented trees lined up in the corner, excitingly anticipating the most beautiful decoration of the season. Despite the traditional red and white theme of Christmas with stars, balls and lights, this year- try decorating your tree in a different way.

Ways in which you can brighten the corner where your Christmas tree is this season:-


  • Shells, flowers, gold and silver:

    Go unconventional this Christmas! Use shells accompanied by flowers and ornaments of gold and silver to shine up your Christmas tree. With the aroma of fresh flowers sweetening the corner, display the golden and silvery tree in all its glory!

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  • Greeting cards and photos! 

    Photos of the year 2k17 displayed in all its beauty on a Christmas tree that would be remembered for its memories. Add on pretty greeting cards received throughout the year or made especially for Christmas, and you have your special Christmas tree ready!

    Skipper photos


  • Light, light, lights!

    The types of lights that can be used in the tree can range from Globe to Bubble to LEDs and Fairy. The best décor, though, is the perfect combination of them, sometimes of Bubble and Fairy, sometimes of tiny lights of LEDs. Light your spirit of Christmas, in all its hues!

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  • Of Fragrant fruits and ribbons:

    Absolutely unconventional, different and eco-friendly: this décor has the advantage of using fruits with a fragrance that can’t be missed, wrapped in the beauty of small ribbons. Decorate the tree with colourful ribbons and fruits; be different this Christmas of 2k17!


  • Play with the Hues, even go Ombre!

    This Christmas, play around with colours. From baby pink to turquoise blue, to shades of the rainbow. Be it ombre colouring, with myriad tints and shades of the same hue circling around the tree like the dance of festivity- colours can really, decorate your mood for Christmas.

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The beauty of Christmas lies not in its lights or its celebrations but the innate joy and excitement bubbling through the air, breathing in the way every part of the home and the city decks up itself for the festivities.
So this Christmas, decorate your home with ribbons of joy, lights of love and stars that brighten every corner of your mind and your home.


Have a very Merry Christmas!

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