DIY Decor for partying up your New Year’s!

With Christmas having closed its door, New Year has started to knock. In the similarity of every year by lining up resolutions that we are determined to follow- we crave for a difference, a change. Even revamping our place does a lot of difference to our head space.

If your Christmas Décor is still up, rearrange and tweak them a bit to fit in your new year’s new décor. With these easy-to-create New Year Do-It-Yourself, party your home up this festive season:


  • Recycle Christmas Baubles: 

    If you have not yet discarded them, recycle and re-use them for New Year’s by gluing flashy paper on them, or covering them with a fine sheet of brass. With reflective light on it, baubles can give a disco-effect to your partied home.

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  • Umbrella Wreaths:


    The tiny umbrellas that come with drinks can be converted into a wreath easily. Just attach them to the grill of windows or a wreath- template and create your New Year’s vibrant DIY umbrella wreath.

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  • A streamer of Cookie Cutter: 

    Cookie cutters come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for stringing them as streamers on the ceiling or your windows. Make them flashy by spray painting them all over or sprinkling glitters on them, and you have a trendy décor ready for your New Year’s party.


  • Pompom Chandeliers: 
    Fold colourful A4 papers unto themselves numerous times, use a string to hold the edges together and create a desired shape out of it. Hang the pompoms in a wire on the ceiling and voila, you are party ready already!

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  • Origami Paper Stars:

    Vibrant paper stars hung or kept in a jar can lift a party mood. Make origami stars right in your home and you are ready for the end-of-the-year starry blast!

    Hang Origami stars on New Years

  • Confetti out of Puncher-Paper: 

    Does your paper-puncher have a lot of useless tiny paper inside? Dip them in different colours and get yourself a very easy to display, pretty and happening confetti for the New Year!


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With the arbitrary position of the earth coming in line on its orbit with last year, let the New Year be a season of change and beauty, with new mindset revolving and complementing with your very own space, your home.

May this year be filled with warm memories for you.

A happy 2018 to you and your home!

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