Essential Vaastu guide for your home in 2018!

The incredibly reliable Science of Architecture, which has millions of Indians put their faith into and have intricately seen the results bear fruit of, is called Vaastu Shastra. It lays down the effective principles of design, layout and space management for any place, be it a home or an office.

As 2018 dawns into another homely year, bring in these little changes in your home and your life. Little changes according to Vaastu, can effectively, bring in larger and significant difference to your life and your mind:


  • The idols of worship need a separate prayer room. The Pooja RoomVaastu states, should be in the North-East most corner of your home. 


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  • Natural green plants have the energy to circulate cleanliness and good-vibes around the room. Your bathroom, therefore, should essentially be a host to a few of them. 


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  • The sink and the gas in the kitchen should be on different and adjacent walls to allow easy movement, to allow the flow of much needed, positive energy. 


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  • The study table of your children should be placed on the East side of the wall, symbolic of the light of the rising Sun, representing and perpetuating Knowledge. 


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  • Mirrors in a bedroom is not advisable, but if one is an absolute necessity, Vaastu guides that it should be covered with a curtain or a sliding door, especially before sleeping. 


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  • For better overall growth and reduction of negative energy, the Fish Aquarium should be placed in the very North-East part of the home.  It releases stress, makes a home whole. 


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Vaastu Shastra has been proven to have affected the way of life. It inconspicuously seeps in your everyday, slightly changing your mood and your fate. For hundreds of years, it has been applied and consequently seen my millions of people to have changed their lives.

In 2018, let Vaastu guide your home. It is easy to implement, magnificently improving your life, your home.

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