Choose carpets according to different parts of your home


Every room is used differently. The living room is inviting and is traversed around by more people than your bedroom. Consequently, the outdoor mats, the entryway rugs and the indoor carpets, all differ strategically in terms of colour and probability of its wear and tear.
So, mats and carpets should be chosen wisely and tactfully, for a fuller utilization of space, furniture and apt requirement.


  • The Entrance:  


    • The rugs in the entryway of your home must radiate a vibrant and positive vibe that sets the mood for the surrounding rooms.
    • The mats used should effectively scrap off the dust, be easily washable and durable enough to have the shoes walk over it time and again and still not stretch or tear.

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  • Living Room: 


    • The room that is the heart of the home should also prospect in brilliant, loud colours with generously used patterns that complement the furniture around or over it.
    • Naturally the most used room should have beautiful, durable carpets that are pressure resistant enough to not become obsolete and dirty in no time.

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  • Bathroom: 


    • The bathroom mats should have lighter colours to give an aura of healthy sanitation. Small to medium sized mats are preferable and should also, complement the wall colours of the washroom.
    • The mats should be water-resistant, washable, moisture-absorber and soft under the feet.

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  • Bedroom: 


    • The carpets in the bedroom must be light, warm and beautiful that conduce subtlety, calmness and serenity for a good night’s sleep. Avoiding patterns and strong hues to silently complement the colour of the furniture and walls, the carpets should be durable and soft, and should feel like home.
    • Smaller rooms can be illusion-ed to look larger by using light coloured carpets that seem brighter in natural light. On the other hand, larger rooms would feel cozier with darker hues that make the ambience of the room regal and beautiful.

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The carpets, no matter how unnoticeable, are the prize of the room. They are always under our feet, but their softness is communicable. Protector, reflector- mats and rugs are often dismissed and ignored as a home décor item to that of simple necessity, but they can be the proud hero of any room, enhancing its ambience, impacting in its own way, a cordial, colourful home.
So find the carpet your home deserves at


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