Unveiling the décor trends of 2018!

With 2018 dawning on our homes, the experts have laid down their ideas of décor that would be trending this year. So before the trend catches the air, note down the style statements that would catch fame in 2k18, the mandates your home is going to need:


  • Terracotta Décor:  


    Terracotta paintings, artefacts, pottery and murals are going to be in, to accent the vibe of the quirky and old complemented seamlessly into the contemporary and the modern. The figurines would give an interesting touch as statement pieces, contemplative art-works of your home.


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  • Patterned Tiles:  


    Subtlety was so 2017. Tiles used in the washroom and the kitchen, and sometimes, even outdoors, are trending to be patterned in elaborate and intricate designs and colours that are vibrant and bright. Complexity is replacing simplicity swiftly; patterns are taking over the floor.


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  • The Royal Assortments:  


    The royalty that you find in the palace and the forts fit for the trending décor this year. Furled with royal blue or purple, when hung or framed on walls, exude a majestic aura to the room. Acting as elaborate statement pieces, these are reflective of the grandeur of the monarchs that ruled the throne.


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  • The Zen-touch:  


    Imbibing the Indie design with the sentient of the Japanese Zen, this décor style will take over 2018 with the calm before the storm. Zen structures and designs are becoming increasingly relative and famous around the world, its assortments being used as a décor that’s both incredibly simple and exceptionally beautiful.


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  • Brass it up:  


    Works of brass which look treasured and vintage would be displayed like a décor special in 2018, inviting attention with its simplicity and age-old curiosity, a classic statement of décor that relishes the silent richness of the old in its shine, brightening your home in its light.

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This year, let your home breathe in its space. Add collections, sepia artworks of brilliance and eminent changes complementing today’s modernity with the vintage beauty- tried and tested by experts- promising a home of culture and complex simplicity, threaded by your love for your home.


May 2018 see beautiful refurnishing, specific revamped decorations and reinventions of your home that truly reflects your heart and your mind. Happy decorating!

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