Mandap Décor Ideas this wedding season!

Wedding season is here and the frenzy of decoration is at its peak. The houses from both sides are frantically choosing the décor for their home, jewellery and glamorous ethnic wear, but what about the décor for the wedding venue?
A perfect mandap means a spectacular marriage. From themed décor to a traditional one, have a view of the mandap décor that’s been trending this wedding season!


  • The canopy of fabric: The most stunning mandaps are the ones that are subtle and simple. With a gentle fabric of silk bound together to form a canopy or tent, with georgette fabrics that might entail a bit of embroidery or prints, get yourself a beautifully pristine mandap whose beauty exceeds everything else. 


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  • Flowered Mandap:Flowers never go out of style. Jasmines, marigolds, roses, orchids- let the aroma of gorgeous flowers spread its fragrance on the beautiful wedding. With garlands bundled together and attached along the four pillars or a sewed to the canopy above, flowered mandaps always look wonderfully incredible, a joy to behold, a natural embrace of home.


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  • The beauty of a traditional mandap:Traditional mandaps, as occurring in the ancient times, consist of morga and marigolds as flowers topped on the canopy of the four-pillared mandap. With gold and red being the primary colours that indicated the essence of weddings, the mandap too would essentially be hued in them, a beautiful culture represented in all its silent quintessence. 


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  • The coloured theme of mandaps:

    The most spectacular mandaps come in delightful colours. Vibrantly hued, choose your mandap’s fabric in pastel colours for a lighter tone or a bright specific colour for a grander ambience. Mix and match lighter colours that blend into each other or a magnificent singular colour that can inexplicably, be breathtakingly spectacular.


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  • A brightly lit mandap:

    With the need for a lighter and brighter mandap came the stance of literally using candles and beautiful lights as its décor. Mandaps look excellently vibrant when a perfect theme of lighting is chosen, be it candles, LEDs, diyas or just fairy lights. Teamed with little flowers around the candle’s edge, a mandap can be the grandeur that’s been decorated with remarkable beauty and exquisite style.


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A mandap holds esteemed importance in a wedding ceremony. It holds the Holy Fire around which the groom and the bride take their vows. It holds the fragrance of new promises and the hope of a bright new life together. Mandap décor, therefore, should be perfectly correlated with the essence of a beautiful marriage that would occur under its shelter.
So, choose your mandap in the way you would choose every other home décor –
gently, meticulously and with a lot of care.


Picture courtesy: Pinterest.

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