Easy Spring Décor Ideas for your home!

As spring blooms into the season of colours, the windows open to fresher air and brighter sunlight. The room fills with a light breeze of happy hope and it is only natural that the interiors of a home should match the changing weather outside your doors. Spring brings with it a lighter texture, vibrant colours and bold designs, signalling the need of the hour to revamp your home to the climate’s tide.


  • Mirror Magic:Mirrors, when used in small rooms, can illusion the space to appear bigger and brighter since they reflect the light around. The low-lit areas of your house would seem airy and sunnier with the tactical placement of mirrors- near the window where sunlight gently falls and near a cupboard or the ceiling where sunlight never reaches so that it vivifies the wall.


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  • Vibrant Pillow Covers:

    What better way to invite spring into your room than slumber over summer colours? Vibrant, printed, lustrous, motif or floral covers spread radiance around the room. Bloom your interiors with bed or sofa pillows that boost the mood in summer light- a brush of natural, ethereal, beautiful spring of life.

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  • A Pretty Birdbath:

    India brings with not only the wind of summer but also the scorching temperature.  A birdbath in such a scenario would be of utmost utility and also, a pretty addition to your terrace or balcony. It would sing of spring when the birds would perch on them every evening, an exquisite home décor – both natural and refreshing.

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  • The accent of Sofas and Curtains:Sofa and curtains are the spectacular accents of a room that takes a lot of eye-space while setting the ambience of the room. When the décor of curtains and sofas are altered, it establishes that aura around the entire home.

So, hang curtains of lighter texture like Sheers, Shades and Blinds (https://skipperfurnishings.blog/2017/03/22/spectacular-curtain-trends-of-2017/) and cover your sofas with brighter prints- readying your home for the oncoming spring.



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  • The splash of Green:

    Greenery can enliven every mood, every mind, every need. Springtime is utterly incomplete without the blossom of flowers and plants and plenty of green. Place potted houseplants around your house, especially in low-lit areas like the bathroom. Let the green engulf you in its natural breath, the beauty of flowers surrounding you.

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Spring is the home of flowers, bees, gentle sunshine and greenery. The interior of your homes should too, breathe in the delicate beauty of the onset of summer, with fabrics that rest easy on your mind and skin. The vibrant collection of Eden thus, (https://skipperfurnishings.blog/2017/02/07/spring-fresh-fabric-collection-from-skipper-furnishings/ ) ruffles the heart summer and the life of spring.

So revamp your home this season by finding natural textures that paint the essence of the weather across your room at  www.skipperhomefashions.com or walk into your nearest Skipper store http://bit.ly/2m576mQ to bring to your home the vibrancy living outside your doors!

_DSC0016-3 Front MAin
Eden exudes all true colours of spring!




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