Ideas for a fun Holi Party at your home!


Holi is around the corner and the colours are rising in the air. If you are keeping a Holi Party at your home, remember that a splash of Rang indoors can damage your furnishings and floor. Therefore, keep the rejuvenation inside and take the real festivity outside your doors. A few party pointers to keep in mind before Holi comes knocking at your doors:


  • Vibrant-hued Invite:

    Be it sending a printed letter that has been dipped in with the love of colours or interesting invites over on WhatsApp with a vibrant picture of Holi fun in the background- always keep Holi invites to your home vibrant, lovely and bright.



  • Theme it!

    Choose a theme that would flow across your entire party. You do not want black or grey decor? Deal. You do not want hard water chemicals to stain your balcony or terrace? Brilliant. Choose a colour theme or a strict no-no food or music category before the Holi Day. Keep yourself lively and prepared.


  • For the love of Food:

    Thandai and Dahi is a must. Colour your utensils to match the festive vibe and serve food on a decorative platter and vibrant plates. Keep your menu light and fun. Chaat, Puchka/Gol Gappa, Samosa are snacks that everybody munches on. Spread the celebrations of Holi to your heart and stomach!

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  • Holi themed Décor:

    Keep the décor exceptionally vibrant and light. With Rangoli outside your door, Paper Buntings hanging in your room, Festoons around the house and flowers wrapped around railings of staircases- bright up your home with a lot of brilliant hues, brightening up the vibe of your home and your mood!

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  • Hued Furnishings:

     To match the ambience of Holi in all its essence, colour your home in furnishings of animated, energetic and vibrant hues. Change your dull sofa-cushion covers into printed and patterned ones and your pillow covers into bright, vibrant ones. Let your curtains drape in the colours of Holi, let your bedsheets sing of the festival to come. With perfectly vibrant furnishings, the party would feel alive inside your home.To choose your Holi decor, visit your nearest Skipper Store or shop online at

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  • Music and Games:

    Our Bollywood is a generous giver of Holi songs to dance to the tune of colours, so choose your games accordingly that exudes the fun in both spirit and form. From Puchka-Eating competition to Who Fills The Balloons Faster, groove to the music of Holi in all-coloured frolicking laughter!


Holi is a replete, refreshing and rejuvenating time of the year when the phrase ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’ is gently pasted on everyone’s cheeks like the loving colours. Indeed, the festival of Holi is the most celebratory where everybody forgets their grudges and grievances and delves into the oblivious festivity of colours, happiness and pure love.

Wishing you a very happy Holi!


Picture credits:

Featured image credit: Berger Paints.


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