Springtime wallpapers owning the scene!


The gulmohars are blushing outside the window and the buds of future mangoes flower on the trees, but the homes stay bland as the winter gone, would you not let the spring blow in the breeze?

Wallpapers embody the home at every corner, their aura creating and influencing the ambiance inside the house. The walls should thus radiate the mood of the weather, the lightness, the brightness, the jubilance of Spring.

Choose your wallpaper that suits your style, the light in your home and direction of your windows. Pretty ideas for letting your walls sing in the hues of Spring:


Spark of Yellow!

Let the shine and tranquility of the Sun warm your home’s indoors in bright colours. Yellow is the light of Spring, the vertical lines of the wallpaper elevating the room in its hue of happy and vibrant zeal.



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Flowers- the heart of spring:

What is Spring without the petals shaping hearts out of the clouds in your home? Floral wallpapers blossom the walls with their serene beauty, exuding into your home an aura of natural freshness. 



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Blue of the sky:

Spring sees the onset of clear blue skies and breeze that rests lightly on your window pane. With the myriad shades of blue meandering around the clouds in your house, let Spring infuse gently into your home.



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Bold and patterns on the walls:

Eccentric, vibrant, colourful patterns of bold designs and brilliant combination of hues are perfect for a Springtime wallpaper. They are interesting, light and soothing to the eye and the mind.



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Burst of colours:

Open your doors and windows and let the colours burst into your home. Be vibrant, be bold. Embrace the gush of hues spreading across your home.



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Dress your walls in the latest styles, dress your home in wallpapers of Spring! Choose your favourite wallpaper at http://skipperfurnishings.com/product/wallpapers and garb your home with their radiance by shopping online at www.skipperhomefashions.com or walk into your nearest Skipper Store (http://bit.ly/2m576mQ) to bring home the jovial colours of Spring!



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