Know your sofa fabrics before buying one!

Before selecting a sofa, it is imperative that one understands the type of fabric they need for their home. A sofa impacts the living room significantly, affecting the look and ambience of the home. The choice of the sofa-fabric should change according to one’s preference, the presence of children in their home and the climate of their town.

Sofa fabrics are largely divided into Natural and Synthetic fabrics, their quality, durability and strength changing accordingly:


Natural Fabrics

The fibres traced from animals and plants that are weaved into fabrics are natural (except for chemical processing) and are integrally richer and organic.



It can endure fading, pilling and wear & tear a great amount and is, therefore, one of the most used sofa fabrics. When integrated with other fibres, it strengthens its durability but becomes susceptible to wrinkling and staining and can snag recurrently.

_DSC0016-3 Front MAin.jpg
Eden – Cotton Fabric Collection

It is a beautiful fabric, stylish and elegant but tends to hold the stain strongly and can snag regularly. Therefore, linen fabric for your sofa should rather be used for homes without infants and young children. It should be professionally cleaned so as to avoid the shrinking of the fabric.


linen sofa cover.jpg
Linen Sofa

Photo Courtesy:


It comes with simple and complex patterns or designs and looks very interesting on a sofa couch. It is stain-friendly, does not wrinkle or fade much with time. It is comfortable for a home in the colder areas.

woolen sofa.jpg
Woolen Sofa
Photo Courtesy:


It can easily ruin with time and constant use even though it looks the most spectacular on a couch. Cleaning the delicate fabric takes a lot of effort and silk-fabricated sofas are also a little expensive than other sofas.

Silk sofa.jpg
Silk Sofa
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It is strong, comes with the promise of longevity and is the most durable fabric for a sofa. Leather Sofa is very high maintenance and is expensive, though it looks impressive and sophisticated in a home.

Nubuck – Leather Fabric Collection


It is made from processed wood pulp and is lustrous and elegant like silk. Rayon fabricated sofas are gaining popularity due to the natural element of wood in it.



Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fibres are more durable and stain resistant than natural fibres. They are man-made and industrially formulated, a, a perfect fabric for your home.


These fabrics are great because they are easily washable and they dry quickly. It is can develop excessive pilling and do not gel well with extreme warmth or cold, becoming perfect for homes in the tropical climate.


This is an excellent choice for synthetic fabrics for a sofa as it is endures crushing, fading and wrinkling. It creates wonderful upholstery when it is integrated with other natural fibres. It is stain and pilling resistant and does not stretch out of shape.

Polyester Sofa
Photo Courtesy:

It is a great choice for an upholstery fabric and is rarely used alone, often mixed with other fabrics so as to strengthen it. It is durable, resilient and does not soil or wrinkle, though is susceptible to fading and pilling.


It is wonderful for heavy use and is known for its durability. It is can be easily cleaned, prevents staining and fading and is abrasion resistant, making it very low maintenance. It also is not expensive and thereby, does not look sophisticated on a couch.

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