Trending summer bedroom colours to help you relax!

Summer is knocking on your doorstep with its heat waves and headaches. Your bedroom would become an oven soon and your haven would lose its touch to relax you. The choice of colour for your fabrics, upholstery and furnishings changes every season while playing a huge role in influencing your mood.

This summer, adopt the colours of the season that are proven scientifically to rejuvenate you.

  • Pale Blue Hue:

    Pale Blue is a perfect colour for summer. It is cool, it is light, it is easy on the eye. With pillow covers matching the wall paint, your bedroom would look happy and buoyant, the colour of the summer sky right inside your home.

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  • Coral Colour:

    The colour is not pink. With your bed sheets and duvet the colour of coral, keep your room light and jovial, a peaceful and quirky summer petal, the hue of the vibrant flowers to recurrently reinvigorate you.

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  • Lemon Yellow

    Lemon is the shadow of yellow, the shade of the Sun and hence is a perfect contradiction to cool of the summer heat. Your bedroom would reflect light serenely, the pillow covers and headboards would soothe the room with their hue- a relaxing colour to suit your room.

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  • Aqua Blue room:

    Nothing beats the heat like the water, and aqua blue is the perfect colour to revive your bedroom and your mood. With bright pillow colours reflecting the hue and aqua duvets to match the sheets, your room cannot get more summer ready!

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  • Mauve Palette:

The colour mauve is silent and strong. It is nonchalantly light and keeps the room and your mind cosy, tranquil and cool. Matching covers and curtains would be perfect to relax the heat in your bedroom this season!

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The colours of the duvets, curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets play an essential role in stirring up the mood of the room. Summer is excruciating every year, so do not sweat your mind too. Come back home to a room that revives your spirit, a room that cools your day in few minutes.
Find your perfect summer hue at  or go to your nearest Skipper store to bring your summer to your home!

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