4 easy storage hacks for small spaced bedrooms

For homes that do not have much space to store in everything they have or everything they need, storage hacks become extremely handy and helpful. It helps one save additional space that their new purchases could occupy while at the same time, it helps them create new space without moving a lot of things around. A perfect save for the small housed!


  • Optimise the space under your bed and sofa:

For things that have no imminent use and can be shoved away for months at a stretch like huge warm blankets and big suitcases, the storage under the bed is a perfect place to hide these away for seasons on end. The space under the sofa, especially when they are enough hollow, can be used to store usable everyday things like bedsheets, pillow covers and blankets.
Maximizing storage without occupying extra space, perfect.

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  • Use dresser and drawers properly:

Almirahs sometimes are created with inbuilt drawers and partitions that take up unnecessary space, hindering the optimum utilization of the cupboard. To create space out of your wardrobe without haphazardly hoarding your things, use boxes inside the almirah that carries your clothes in an organized manner. To safely store tiny things like socks, earrings and watches, create tiny dividers inside your drawers so that your things do not intermingle and tangle within themselves. Wardrobe storing becomes so much more fun with this!

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  • Use multi-purpose furnitures:

Use furniture in your room in such a way that it does not appear to take up space while being uncompromised on what it brings to the look and feel of the room. For this effect, floating furniture can be a huge asset wherein it attaches itself to the wall of the room and literally takes up no space. Instead, it stores you trivial things like medicines, watches, keys and money. There is also foldable furniture that can turn into a table when opened, an incredible piece of useful, space-saving item your home would love to hold!

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  • Stack in high-walled shelves:

If your floor is too filled up, shift things you wish to display but hardly use on the wall! Use the wall wisely by building shelves around the length of the walls just below the ceiling that can easily hoard your soft toys, fancy perfumes and books. It not only saves you a lot of space but also augments how your room looks, making it both interesting and warm at the same time.

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Creating space in a small bedroom is not at all challenging if you think of it creatively. There is no need to stack things on top of the other or hoard and shove them in some nook and corner. Intelligently using space can sometimes work wonders and these hacks are simple, effective and very doable. No matter where you live, optimize space to give room to your things because even they sometimes, need some space to breathe!

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