5 Ways to Style Your Home By Using Scatter Cushions

Often the task of revamping your home can seem to be a mammoth project; scary thoughts might happen about repainting, re-carpeting and replacing the old furniture. Scatter cushions is one of the easiest and probably the quickest way to spruce your interiors. When chosen correctly, cushions can pull all the elements of a room together and create a harmonious balance. This does not necessarily mean that you need to have a matchy-match sequence; we will tell you ways to use the scatter cushions effectively.

No matchy-match, rather a mix n match

If your cushions match your duvet, sofa or the armchair, then pull yourself out of that 80’s zone. Scatter cushions help to pull all the shades and patterns of the room together; if they are in complete synthesis with the sofa fabric, it will be of no visual interest. The idea is to have fun with your scatters; use them to add different textures, colours, patterns to create a scheme which will blend the diverse and the different.

Think about the placement

You can either pair the scatters or group them in odd numbers; scatter cushions will completely transform a space, provided they are positioned properly. Choose various sizes to form an asymmetrical design; for a more uniform look, you can select the same size. In the latter, there is a kind of symmetry which offers optimum visual impact.

Opting for textural diversion

In case of scatter cushions, the idea is to experiment with different textures; this will add to the overall aesthetics of a room. Those who are not adventurous can go for a monotone; of course you can use various textures to make it visually appealing. Think about a cream-coloured palette; you can brighten the scheme by adding diverse textures to the palette – go for linen, velvet, denim, cotton, mohair and faux. Imagine the textures and literally the choices can be endless.

Style will determine the number of scatter cushions

Let us give you an easy décor tip; you can choose two matching solid-colour cushions and place them in two corners of the sofa. Select two smaller ones and place them before the larger cushions. This style is appropriate for the less-adventurous home maker. More appealing would be an eclectic look where you go for an odd number of scatter cushions. In a three-seater couch, you can choose five completely diverse scatter cushions in varied patterns.

Select your colour palette

For an eye-catching arrangement, think beyond the cohesive colour scheme and introduce a diversion in the colour palette in the form of scatter cushions. Choose cushions which stand in total contrast with the sofa, but harmonize with carpets, curtains and other decorative elements in the room. The easiest way to select a colour palette is by sitting in the room for some time and pick a few shades. The shade should exist in some form in the rest of the décor.

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