Top Tips to Choose Furnishings in your House

Interior trends can be pretty fickle and ever-changing. It is important to stay on top of the design movements to understand which is in and which is not. Do you find it difficult to be clued in about the latest trends in furnishings for home? Let us help you and give you some chic styling inspiration for the grand makeover you have been waiting for.

Cozy & warm

These are the two adjectives that will rule the interior décor manual in 2018. Rich pigments and earthy tones will be seen in full fervour in both Scandinavian-styled homes and minimalist set-ups. From burnt oranges to deep burgundy, to murky green to rusty terracottas, the warmer colours will add a different dimension to the overall aesthetic of the room. The best thing about these earthy tones is that they never interfere with clean Nordic décor style. You can easily choose a sofa in dark shades which will be the focal point of the room; the rest of the décor can be a simple assortment of knick-knacks.

The return of the geometric patterns and prints

Geometrics was largely missing in 2017, but it is making a grand comeback in 2018 and we are not complaining. This year, it will be everywhere starting from wallpaper, tiles and rugs. Some of the unconventional areas where you will be seeing the geometric patterns will be the bathroom; it will be seen in wall and floor tiles in abundance. In fact, you might just happen to find the large-scale patterned wallpaper which will be a nice addition to your bathroom. Take a look at the lovely wallpapers at, if you are looking for some inspirations.

Dress up your drapes

A simple update will add a touch of elegance to your curtains; opt for a detailed trim to create a custom-layered look. Always go for a colour or texture which works well with the curtains. And if you are not eager to go for a DIY look, you can always go for curtains which are already trimmed.

Think about  textural diversion

2018 will be the official year of velvet and leather; velvet will the statement fabric for soft furnishings. Of course you can have a mix of velvet and cotton. But when it comes to luxury quotient, velvet definitely tops the list. And if you are closely following the Pantone shade of the Year, you will be glad to know that the blend of purple and velvet will go a long way. As for leather, it will be found in abundance in bedrooms in the form of quilted chairs and upholstered headboards.

Flower power

The floral design trend is making its presence felt in the interior trends of 2018. There is not an iota of doubt that tropical prints in the form of lush exciting greens will be seen in wallpapers, curtains and cushion covers. Go for natural fibers, whites and can even commit to tropical wallpaper. Let the verdant

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