How can you Use Pantone Shade of the Year in your Home Decor?

The highly anticipated color of the year 2018 has been announced by the Pantone Colour Institute and it is the futuristic and dramatic ultra-violet. Although it is seen as a bold color by many, you can actually use this shade intelligently in your home decor. You ask how? Let us give you some ideas.

Combining it with other shades


If you find the shade a bit overwhelming, we would ask you to tone down the shade by mixing it with other shades like greens, red, soft pinks, and cool blues. Violet itself has dark undertones and is a rich pigment; if you combine it with blue it gets a spiritual edge. Those who are not ready for the all-purple look can introduce the shade in their homes through small things like cushions and soft furnishings like throw pillows. This color works as a fabulous accent. If not anything, you can just add some purple flowers to your decor.

Adding it to your upholstery


Matching the current trends you can use a bedspread which boasts of this colour. The fabric should stand out; match your duvet cover with the Pantone shade. Additionally, throw some cushions in this shade to create a perfect ensemble. If you are planning a revamp, we would suggest changing the headboard of the bed in this shade. To compliment ultra violet, you can use some other bright colours as well like turquoise, green and yellow.

Living Room accents


Ultra violet gives a futuristic flair to any room. If you have a couch in neutral shade in your living room, a good idea would be to throw cushions in violet for a colour pop. You can always opt for softer violet shades to make it less harsh on the eyes, but soothing for the soul. How about incorporating a rug in this shade in your living room? Those who feel more inspired can actually go for an accent wall; this will stand in contrast with the dominant shade in the rest of the room. Another trend that is fast catching up is the use of amethyst crystals with the Pantone shade.

Go for a mix n match style


Those who believe that ultra violet is too bright to be incorporated in any room will be happy to know that this shade blends with quite a few home decor styles. In a timeless and classic black and white decor, this will stand out and will completely transform your room. Use this shade in your bathrooms and the end result will not be disappointing. For a vintage and rustic decor, ultra violet adds a new lease of life to the room; a dining room for instance can do with a bit of makeover as you incorporate the shade in the form of light accents or wall decor items.

Use your imagination and creativity effectively to think out of the box and you might find some great inspirational ideas. Get inspired by the beautiful home decor solutions from

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