Making your Home Monsoon-ready with a Few Simple Hacks

The rains can create a havoc especially when it continues for days. Although it brings about of relief from the sultry summer days, the fact remains that continuous rain can confine you at home. If you are home-bound for days, it is time to go for a monsoon makeover. Here are a few simple tricks which can effortlessly make your home monsoon-ready.

Perky shades to lighten your Mood


The weather can be too monochromatic with varied shades of grey, white and black. Maybe, you should opt for some pops of brightness in the form of accessories and cushions. Continue with the trend of summery yellow or add a dash of vibrant green or anything that beats the blue. Avoid ornamental heavy drapes and change your curtains to translucent ones, especially those that are blue in color. This will be a visual treat. To experiment more with the shades, you can actually change your pillow covers to brighter shades like coral to spice up the already spiced up curtain theme during monsoons. Go for traditional Indian designs and bring in the ethnic flavor.

Bring a change in the accessories


A favorite activity among many is to sit by the window and read their favorite book in the monsoon. The pitter and patter of the raindrops create a soothing harmonious feel. How about adding wind chimes near the window? The soft sound of the wind chimes will drive away the melancholic feel which you normally associate with the weather. The chiming and light tingling of the soft breeze will help you relax. Add some bright plump cushions on the divan or the chair and enjoy the rains in perfect seclusion.

A few floral touches


When the world is green and bursting with fresh colors, it is literally impossible to ignore the call of the florals. Adding fresh cut flowers to the room is probably the most inexpensive way to redress the boring interiors. Another alternative would rearrange your walls; a floral or a geometrical wallpaper can be a good choice. To match your wallpaper, you can, of course, go for floral-inspired fabrics. To add to the décor, add some scented candles which will infuse your living spaces with fresh scents and keep the musty odor out.

Mix n match pattern


As a thumb rule, choose patterns which will enhance the geometry of your furniture. Geometric lines or stripes would look lovely on straight and sleek-lined chairs making them look broader or taller. With round-edged ottomans and sofas, you can always go for florals and tribal prints exuding cheer in the room. If you have a smaller space, think about miniature patterns. With mixed patterns, you can always begin with the most complex pattern as accents and slowly work with the others in a balanced manner.

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