5 Fabric Trends for Home Interiors this Monsoon


It is just a few more days and the earth will look heavenly with the fresh bloom. Reason? The rains will knock on your doors and you will be in an oh-so-happy-mood to welcome the relief from the heat. But before you enjoy the pitter-patter of the raindrops, experience the soothing fragrant breeze or smell the earthiness, it is time to take a look at your own abode. Is it ready for the monsoons? Think about the fabrics; are they monsoon-ready? If not, we supply you with some inspirational ideas.

Functional Decor with the Florals


Monsoon is all about blending functionality with practicality; the season demands that your choice of fabrics be extremely practical. We all know that prolonged days of rain can be a bit problematic for heavy fabrics. You can begin with the upholstery fabric; floral is quite in, so opt for synthetic light floral prints. The theme can be used in sofas and curtains both. The sheer synthetic curtains will keep your room breezy and airy. Some of the colours that you can choose are scarlet, aqua, and turquoise, corn yellow or leafy green.

Avoid the heavy drapes

download (3).jpg

Heavy drapes might seem perfect for a warm sunny day as it helps to keep the light away; it will make your rooms look darker during monsoons. It is time to replace them with curtains made of light cotton. These curtains are not only easy to wash, they also dry quickly which makes them apt choices for a gloomy rainy day. It is best to avoid natural fibers like silk; these are elegant beauties and demand extra care. Plus, they have the habit of getting wet and crushed easily. Also, there is a chance that silk curtains may shrink; silk also attracts mildew and moth and you may chance upon them during monsoons.

Velvets are too heavy to be maintained properly during monsoons and should be avoided. In comparison, the lace or sheer curtains will allow ample light inside the rooms; also in a stuffy day, it will also allow breeze to float in. As it will be a little gloomy outside, whatever natural light comes in should be maximized. The sheer curtains will help you do exactly that.

Think about a bright welcome mat


Often we overlook some of the simple things in our room which can create a difference to the overall decor. During monsoon, one should be careful about the doormats in our houses; get some good doormats which will keep your room dry. You must have enough mats to change and rotate throughout the season. Use Chindi mats with recycled fabrics which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but inexpensive as well.

Change in Bed sheets


Bright and beautiful, these are the two words that should dominate your dictionary when you think about a monsoon makeover. The easiest and simplest way to change the look of your bedroom instantly is by opting for a couple of colourful bed sheets. On a cloudy day, it is good to choose a colourful bed sheet which will help to beat the gloom. Shades of green, yellow and red are preferable; these will add the essential splash of colour required for a monsoon day. Cotton is the most preferred fabric for bed linens and bed sheets; it is breathable and extremely handy when it comes to washing and drying. You can also use satin bed sheets during monsoon as this is a light fabric and leaves a cooling effect on the body.

Change in cushion fashion

download (5).jpg

We have heard so many times, but this stands true for any home decor. Colour pops will make your room appear bright and definitely pretty during monsoons. How about adding an ikkat flavour to your living space with the cushions? Or you can simply add a geometrical pattern throw or go for a bright-coloured daree for your living room.

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