Wallpapers or Tiles: which would be Suitable for Homes?


Homes in 2018 will undergo a dramatic change; the Pantone Shade of the Year was evidence enough. Apart from ultra-violet being chosen as the Pantone shade of the Year, we have also seen the rise of wallpapers as one of the important choices for home decor. Of course, wall tiles are still very much in vogue. The question now is what is more suitable for your homes: tiles or wallpaper?


Wallpapers have always been used for home decor; in the Victorian and Georgian era, the wallpapers have created a big impact in home decor. In recent years, wallpapers have mostly acted as accent or feature walls or have been used to create a focal point inside the room. The home owners will be more adventurous in 2018; latest techniques in printed vinyl will allow you to have pretty, detailed wallpapers. Wallpapers of 2018 not only add depth and colour to the room, but are one of the important tools to provide an all-new visual perspective. One can see the influence of refined organic textures in wallpapers as well.


Let us take a look at some of the prevalent designs found in wallpapers; from florals to bold stripes to asymmetrical designs, wallpapers is probably one of the greatest ways to add design and texture to your walls. Wallpapers have always been used to make a design statement; a new generation of wall coverings are taking this design element to an altogether different level. You can actually use the wall coverings for ceilings as well.


Although wallpapers are steadily rising the popularity chart, one cannot overlook the influence of patterned tiles in home decor. Terrazzo was cool in the 70’s, was known to be ‘uncool’ in the 90’s but is back with a bang in 2018. The colourful floor tiles are edgy and will amp the design quotient of any room. The beautiful marble Terrazzos may seem a bit expensive, but they are so beautiful to look at that you might be tempted to go a little overboard with your budget. The interior designers are all for this composite stone which will create a dazzling effect in your rooms.


The days of statement walls are gone; now it is time to take your design sense a notch further and indulge in a statement ceiling. The most innovative way to transform the room is to go with the top down design. Now more and more people are keeping the walls in one shade, but indulging in tiling, decorating or wallpapering the ceiling to make it standout.


Of course, there is good news for people who love experimentation; a recent trend being the wallpaper-like tile. Sounds intriguing right? The digitally printed tile is a current rage in the home decor industry; digital printing is so good, that you can hardly make the difference between material mimics and a porcelain tile. The blocky and geometric look of the parquet is making a huge comeback; this is durable and extremely low-maintenance which makes it a ready choice for rooms which has heavy foot traffic. You can also have the feel of cork in large format porcelain tile slabs. Another ready choice for people who love simplistic and minimalistic designs is the industrial look of the concrete which is quite readily available in porcelain tiles.

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