Which Colour Palette is in for Home Furnishings?


2017 has been a year of warm neutrals and sophisticated camel accents, the color palette in 2018 seems to be daringly different. Think about bold blues, fiery reds, sunny yellows and of course the ultra-violet and you get a hang of what 2018 will be all about. It will be more about imagination, striking shades, and undoubtedly visual impact. Imagine your spaces in a different color palette this year. We will help you with the essentials.

The tantalizing turquoise


There is no space for demure shades in the 2018 color palette; the vibrant turquoise makes a bold statement. Whether you use it in the bed linen or on the walls or as a paint color in the single accent wall in the room, if you love blue then the beautiful turquoise will never disappoint you.

The beautiful blush


Whoever said that blush is in, was absolutely right! This shade of dusty rose will help you to re-imagine neutral home styles. You will have the vivacity of classic pink, but there is something more to the pink. A couch in blush or drapes in blush may seem far-fetched, but they look adorably lovely.

Make way for yellow


Your love for yellow cannot get bigger and better in 2018; turn to sunny shades to create that cheerful vibe which your room was lacking. With the hot summer months casually paving way for the monsoons, the sunny yellow can make your room look happy and pretty. Warm and rich yellows both pair well with blue and cream accents. A touch of turquoise in the middle of sunny yellow is all you need to add to the perfect decor. A yellow sofa seems too much; not in 2018 anymore. The sofa will act as the focal point in your living area.

The gorgeous green


The classic neutrals like black and grey are not going away, but they are more than happy to accommodate moody shades like red and green. The color green seems to bring a moody feel to any room. If you thought that colors such as beige and cream are best reserved for the bedroom, think again. Green can be a nice addition. Whether you use it as bed linen or as an accent wall or in the form of accessories, green will never disappoint you. A green feature wall can work seamlessly with a pastel color palette; to reduce the drama you can use soft furnishings as well. But green does look sophisticated and extremely upbeat!

The plush purple


It would be a blasphemy to not include the Pantone shade of the Year in any form in your home decor. Deep warm shades such as terracotta, aubergine, and burgundy are making headlines. Why should your home be deprived of such dramatic shades? The purple-rich colors can mix well with dark wood commonly found in antique furniture. Those who love the look of distressed in their rooms can add a lot of character to their interiors with some heirlooms in the form of an old dresser or a vintage dining table; do not forget to add purple linen to it. Or simply put up a lamp on the dresser in the shade of purple. Stylish and chic; the decor will be hard to ignore.

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