5 Colors that is a Must include for Home Décor

Are you looking for inspirations for a home refresh? Well, 2018 has its own set of favorites when it comes to the colour palette, with purple being nominated as the Pantone shade of the Year. Let’s move on from purple and welcome the candy colour palette which is all about airy and light pastels. Does that mean we will give up on the dark shades altogether? Here are our top 5 picks in the colour palette which will rejuvenate your homes.

A little bit of yellow


A colour which was overlooked by many home décor enthusiasts when purple was described as the Pantone Shade of the Year was yellow. This colour is bound to rule 2018; yellow proverbially indicates stability and strength. Choose something in mustard or gold which will work as fine décor accents. Also, choose your accessories in different variants of yellow: if you are not fond of gold, you can use copper or brass. The best thing about this shade: it has a 70’s retro vibe which makes any space happy.

A happy red


Think of a vibrant shade and crimson will feature prominently in the list. Radiant, strong and full of positive energy, the shade of crimson is the best possible way to make a bold statement. Although this shade is bold and beautiful, you have to maintain a balance of shades: so if you choose crimson, you have to keep the rest of it in total contrast or in whites.

A touch of the ocean blue


Think different. Include the jewel-toned blue in your home. Ocean blue is associated with wanderlust and it will definitely make you feel as if you are on vacation. In feng shui, the color blue is considered to bring the energy of peace and calm in your interiors; it also creates an overall sense of healing and relaxation.

The beauty of blush


Blush is already dubbed as ‘millennial pink’, and this peace-salmon hybrid is here to stay. This muted shade serves as the perfect neutral in your space. This rosy-hued shade thrives on the concept of all-the-year-round springtime: it is versatile and has a cozy appeal. A pastel shade, blush is meant to create a beautiful diversion in your home.

Moody turquoise for an eclectic feel


A new thing for the bedrooms and living rooms; moodier tones like deep turquoise and emerald are gaining popularity. The Moroccan décor has always been fascinating and both these shades complement a Moroccan-inspired lounge. You will see the abundance of this shade in different décor items such as throws, pillows and rugs.

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