5 Ways to Change your Home Decor in Moderate Budget

When you think about decorative changes in your home, the first thing that comes to the mind is the budget. Of course finance is a factor when it comes to choosing the best home décor products for your home; we give you five simple tips to refresh your home without breaking the bank. Remember that your home must reflect your personal preferences, but it should also include a dash of colour and keep up with the hottest home décor trends of 2018.

Use the right shades


As a mandate, use the right mix of dark and softer shades to create a beautiful palette in your home. Colors can be used in many ways; having a neutral base is good, but of course, you can have a splurge of darker shades such as burnt orange or emerald. It is best to avoid shades such as bluish grey or warm grey which typically give away a cold vibe. Need help choosing a color? Opt for a predominant shade on the dust jackets or spines of the books in your shelves and you can repeat them in fabrics.

Go big on velvet


Velvet is making some noise and for the good reasons; the velvet of 2018 isn’t your grandmother’s velvet. With an array of on-trend colours, velvet furnishing is making a great comeback. If you are not too keen on the velvet chair, you can include a touch of velvet in the headboard of the bed or an upholstered look in the ottoman.

Go cushion-crazy


Decorative cushions are the biggest things after the Pantone shade of the Year, and you can rarely go wrong with your choice of colourful cushions. Cushions easily spruce up any part of the room. One golden tip while adorning the room with cushions; go for an eclectic mix of different shapes and sizes. Instead of the square kind, use a mix of rectangular, circular and oval-shaped cushions. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home within an affordable budget. Remember that odd-number groupings are always more interesting than the evens. Try to display the cushions in threes or fives which will be eye-pleasing.

Curate a look with new curtains


Often we miss the most obvious accessory in a room and look for expensive alternatives to change the look of the room. Did you notice that a change in curtains can bring a beautiful change in your rooms? In case you have a low ceiling, you can make the room look taller by installing the curtain rod above the window frame. And the curtains should graze the floor or the bottom of the window sill.

Forget about the focal point


This year ignore the focal point in the room; deconstruct the look of the entire room and forget about the natural attention-grabber. It is now easier to pair the odds, like a simple artwork with a mirror can do wonders to your room. Even the shelves in the wall will create a beautiful point of interest in your rooms; an asymmetrical design will be an absolute stunner.

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