5 Most Talked-about Wallpaper Trends in 2018

This festive season, your home deserves a grand update. And what better way to do it than by introducing the beautiful wallpapers to your home which has made a grand comeback. From dynamic prints to textured looks, the wallpaper is breaking boundaries and are aptly used in ceilings. There are different ways to incorporate the wallpaper in your homes and we have listed 5 ways.

The beautiful botanicals

Think green; it is the motto of the day. If you are obsessed with anything related to greeneries and plants, you should be glad to know that the botanical trend is big in 2018. Think beyond indoor plants and the botanical trend is quite prominent in the interior design. If you want to experiment with lively prints, nothing works better than botanicals.

Going ga ga over the geometric patterns

The geometric wallpapers are gaining immense popularity in homes creating innovative and modern interiors. Some of the classic shapes available are hexagons, squares, diamonds, and triangles which bring a lot of versatility to any space. A dull interior will come alive with these beautiful wallpapers. Geometric wallpaper can create an unexpected twist to your interiors.

Textured wallpapers

You do not need to invest in a fortune to obtain the elegant look in the living room; wallpapers these days mimic textures which lends the much-desired touch of sophistication to any room. The best thing about a textured wallpaper is that you can use wallpapers which imitate natural materials.

The warmth of wood

Wooden wallpaper is known to add warmth to any room; why not choose a wallpaper which imitates wood? Wooden wallpapers add a rustic touch to your room; of course you will notice that the ambience of the room becomes inspiring and soothing.

Choose the metallics

Now you can get the luxe feel of slight sheen in your wallpapers. The metallic prints in wallpapers are durable; these elegant, sleek and stately wallpapers are apt for formal spaces like foyers and dining rooms. The best thing about metallic prints is that these patterns will never overpower the design of any room. You can tone it down with stripes, floral patterns and spots.

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