5 Things to Consider while Changing your Curtains

Just like your furnishings, curtains can also change the look and ambiance of a room; it is much more than window dressing. In fact, curtains make a room, only if they are chosen wisely. Come to think of curtains, and you have to consider a lot of factors like fabric, color, lining and length. To make your task easy, we have narrowed down on a few basics which you need to consider if you plan to change the curtains.

Think of a style


Instead of purchasing curtains based entirely on looks, think about other factors like the way you want to hang your curtains and the amount of privacy you require. In other words, before choosing the shade of fabric and the material, pick a style which is conducive for the entire room. Both taffeta and silk offer sheen which is more apt for formal spaces; they hang longer to exude a dramatic effect. Linen and cotton are more appropriate for a laidback style. Standard curtains with pockets for rods look nice, but the tab-top and grommet curtains border on a casual style.

Treatment of curtains


Before you pick your curtains, decide whether you should buy washing machine friendly or curtains which can only be dry-cleaned. These small decisions will save a lot of money and energy in the long run. Also, it is good to remember that high-quality curtains can often be ruined if you try to wash themselves.

Think about functionality


Curtains and drapes not only look good on windows, they are functional as well. You can put up light-blocking curtains which are both energy-efficient and insulated. Sheer curtains can be used only for decoration, but if you want something which will block the light simultaneously, you can go for panel sets with a sheer panel and a set of drapes.

Can curtains act as statement pieces?


Yes, they can; use of patterns and bold block colours can make the curtains look attractive. Children’s bedrooms and recreation rooms are the best places where you can experiment with the bright shades, features like tassels and crazy patterns. In case you have a wallpaper in period design like the regency stripe, then choose a solid colour for your bedroom. In a room where the neutral shade is predominant, you can use simple patterns like nautical stripes.

Choose the curtain as per the room


Every room is unique and it will be boring to have the same curtain in all the rooms. Remember that the requirement of every room is very different. Some rooms might require airy and light curtains while others might need heavier fabrics. Think of your wall colour and the kind of furniture to decide on your choice of curtains. The colours of the room should complement each other to reduce the chances of unsightly clashes.

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