5 Ways to Refresh your Home for 2019

It is the last month of 2018 and you are left wondering where has the year gone? It is time to look at the new trends and colours which will be making waves in 2019. According to the décor gurus, there will be renewed optimism in playfulness, colour and luminosity. One will also see a revival of quirk in home décor. And if you follow these trends, it is easier to go for a home décor makeover in 2019.

31671042058bfaaafada07_WOODEN POSTER FOR DISPLAY

Ultra-violet has been on the popularity chart in 2018; the Pantone Shade of the Year will be going strong in the next year as well. The colour schema in 2019 will see some tonal variation. But one will notice an influx of other shades which are inspired by food like the flamingo orange, rich red and vibrant browns.


The variation is the colour palette will be well-complemented with the theme of the ‘colonial chic’ which celebrates the mix of different cultures. There has been an ongoing demand for heritage and the classic with a twist. One will see the pairing of vintage styles with modern sensibilities. In the same room, one will find curios inspired by the Oriental and also find décor pieces which have a mid-century modern aesthetic.  If you are a lover of collectibles, your home will be called a proud abode of colonial chic.

28036929658bfddde12574_venetian blind

Move over grey, a more dramatic tone is in town and it will stay in 2019. Matte black seems to create a more dramatic effect than grey. You will find touches of matte black in different home décor objects, seating arrangements, lights and other key pieces which can successfully introduce this trend in your home.


Across homes, sustainability is one of the biggest trends which has been going strong for quite some time. It will be extremely mainstream in 2019. You can look for sustainable fabrics in everything like upholstered furniture, curtains, throws, tapestries and wall art. The best thing about natural textiles is that they can work across styles like boho, Scandi, Hamptons and French county.

And last but definitely not the least; trends are inspiring, but they act as a mere guideline if you plan to update or decorate a space. But nothing will work out, if you do not add your personalized touch to it. Always incorporate stuff in your home which is important to you. If they appear beautiful to you, they will act just fine.

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