Introducing the Voyage Collection: A Perfect Way to Change your Home Décor Post Wedding

You may have heard this phrase many a times that a home is not just a home, it is a collection of everything that you love and adore. And when you plan to start a new life with someone you love, you want him/her to be part of a major decorating decision together – picking up items to build your home. At Skipper Furnishings, we understand that to decorate your home is to engage in the creative process on the most personal level possible. We have brought a collection Voyage which allows you to discover each other in a most beautiful way as you build your ‘new home’ together.


The luxury Voyage collection is all about soulful colours, chic fabrics, elaborate embroidery and amazing designs. A perfect collection which spells sophistication and luxury, Voyage allows you to add a new creative edge to your home. Be it the quilted bedcover or the embellished cushion, they will create a perfect abode of tranquility. Voyage gives you a complete bedsheet collection which comprises of bedcovers, euro shams, accents cushions and normal cushions.


Think about an unusual colour palette which comprises of olives, greens and beige and you get the essence of Green Flutter. The use of geometric and ikkat embellishments add to the beauty of this collection which is perfect for couples who love a something soothing. This colour palette will immediately have a calming effect on the mind.


If you have a fascination for shades of blue, then Iris is your go-to palette. Comprising of varied shades of blue, this bedspread collection comes with both abstract and geometric patterns. Of course it is the touch of bling and gold which make the cushion covers stand out. Iris has a luxe feel to it, as velvet and satin are used as the base fabric. When you desire a home which has a luxury vibe to it, this collection should be your choice for home décor.


Something rich and deep like the Magnolia collection from Voyage showcases the fine nuances of mauve and lavender. The  traditional Moroccan lattices, contemporary geometrics, the gray and rich purple fabric and some amazing embellishments – all add up to the beauty of this collection. Aesthetically pleasing, this collection will simply magnify the beauty of your new home.


Pine Essence has combined different colours, the inclusion of gold, brown and gray has added the element of diversity. It is the rust and turquoise accents and the bling highlights which allow the collection to stand out.

Check out our to know more about the Voyage collection.

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